2013 Elementary Art Show Winners

Congratulations to all of the participants and finalists in this year’s 15th Annual Elementary Art Show competition!

Here are the winners:

My Family by Isabella Stevens- K- Vining   Cat.1

Day in the Aquarium by Nikita Neogi, K, Ditson Cat. 1

Shiny by Michael Clery- K- Vining    Cat 2

Butterfly In The Grass by Lauren Ouellete, K, Cat 2

Pumpkin Field by Jessie Geng, gr1, Parker, cat 1

Blue Owl by Tyler Jeffers, gr1, Dutile, cat 1

Babycakes by Jake Amoroso, Gr 1, Kennedy, cat 2

Medieval Castle by Dillon West, gr1, Dutile, cat 2

The Lorax Trees by Aidan Le, gr2, Kennedy, cat 1

Zenfully Tangled by Anuva Agrawal, gr2, Dutile, Cat 1

Alligator Cove        by Connor Charles McDevitt , gr2, Ditson, cat 2

Just Chillin”by Frankie Varallo & Kylie McGowan gr2,Dutile cat 2

Rajasthani Women Fetching Water by Meghna Yeladani, gr3, Ditson, cat 1

The Colorful Sea Turtle by Nadine Abuhamdeh, gr3, Dutile, cat 1

Going Fishing by Riley Foye, gr3, Hajjar, cat 2

Tiny Food by Izzy Wiroll, gr3, Hajjar, cat 2

Owl by Angelina Fung,gr 4, Parker, cat 1

The Farmer’s Market by Cecilia Taucher, gr4, Ditson, cat 1

Origami SWANby Christian So, gr4, Parker, cat 2

The Metal Wand by Gavin Bourdeau, gr 4, Hajjar, cat 2

Sunset Path by Abagayle Pitchford , gr5, Kennedy, cat 1

One Direction Zayn Malik by Shannen Damon , gr5, Ditson, cat 1

Dragon Dreams by  Ariana Swoyer , gr5, Vining cat 2

Animal Bags: Dog and Bunny by Lilla Torontali, gr5, Parker, Cat 2


Committee Choice Awards:

Hello Kitty Loves Her House       by Lauren Aliberti , K, Ditson  Cat 2

Lovely Rosesby Herin Lee, gr 1, Kennedy, cat 1

Taj Mahal Glowing at Sunset by Tanvi Muppala,gr2, Ditson Cat 1

Hummingbird by Isabel Cruz, gr3, Hajjar, cat 1

Marilyn Monroe by Maya DiMino, gr4, Ditson, cat 1 (tie)

Recycled Nature by Sachi Joshi, gr4, Parker, cat 2 (tie)

Pugs and Kisses Party  by Marina Stagliola, gr4 Ditson (tie)

Balloon Going High In The Sky by Paige Salvi, gr5, Kennedy, cat 2

Vining Elementary School Talent Show Results

The Vining School Talent Show was fantastic!  We were entertained by gymnasts, musicians, actresses, singers, and dancers!  The children did an amazing job and most importantly they seemed to have had a lot of fun!  A great big congratulations to all who went on stage!

The following acts will be moving onto to the Town Wide Show  to represent the Vining School on Saturday March 23 at the Locke Middle School.  Good Luck and Have fun!

Listed in no particular order –

Grades K-2

  • Desi Pagliccia and Ava Douglass(K) – group singing/dancing – “When Will My Life Begin”
  • Judith Sloman(K) – solo dance – “Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows”
  • Jacqueline Behaeghel(1) – solo gymnastics
  • Emma McDermott  and Sylvie Reveley(1) – group song and dance –“FairyTale”
  • Eloise Barriault(1) – solo dance/gymnastics – Monster High Fright Song

Grades 3-5

  • Isabella Munroe(5) – solo gymnastics -“Girl on Fire”
  • Pimprenelle Behaeghel and Ariana Swoyer(5) – group viola
  • Karen Tohline(4) – solo keyboard and singing – “Summer Moonlight”
  • Kristina Kerivan(5) – solo singing – “You Belong to Me”
  • Megan Moore(5) – solo flute – “ Bunker Hill Overture”
  • Nyah Fitzharris(5) – solo singing – “Love You Like a Love Song”
  • Alysha Diamont and Karina Mejia(5) – group dance – “Don’t Stop the Pop”

Vining Elementary School Art Show Winners

Congratulations to all of the artists who competed in the annual art show.

The following artists are moving on to compete in the town wide competition:


Cat. 1 – Madison Geisser – Birds and Isabella Stevens – My Family

Cat. 2 – Michael Clery – Shiny

!st grade

Cat.1- Charles Bradley – Bash and Eloise Barriault – Ducky

Cat. 2 – Tyler Norman – Little Bear

2nd Grade

Cat. 1 – Karan Rana – A Swan in the Lake and John Paul Allen – Mr. Rusk

Cat. 2 – Nikolas Merkel – Mario the Painter

3rd Grade

Cat. 1 – Maryanne McGovern – Emotional Little Beagle and Steven Lucozzi – Take to Flight

Cat.2 – Madelyn Allen – Vase of Color and Natalie Williams – Surfing the Channel

Honorable Mention – Chloe Prior – Peace on Earth

4th Grade

Cat. 1 – Shannon Moore – Two Sides

Cat. 2 – Karen Tohline-Impressionistic View of Earthquake and Aiden Kelsey – Yoda watches the X Wing Sink into the Swamp

5th Grade

Cat. 1 – Pimprenelle Behaeghel – Au Clair De La Lune and Karina Mejia – Eye Love You

Cat. 2 – Megan Moore – The Paper Mache Zoo and Ariana Swoyer – Dragon Dreams

Vining School Art Show Results

The following children from the Vining School will have their artwork move on to the Town Wide Show.


Category 1

  • Emma McDermott – Two Little Girls
  • Nico Schmalz – Bouncy Falling Big Balls : Splash

1st Grade

Category 1

  • Nikolas Merkel – Love Under a Rainbow
  • Joseph Soly – A Magical Tree

2nd Grade

Category 1

  • Steven Lucozzi – Bright Eagle
  • Natalie Williams – From Earth to Heaven
  • Maryanne McGovern- Rex the Cute Dog

Category 2

  • Cailey McDevitt – Tub Time
  • Madelyn Allen – Sailing Down the Duct Tape River

3rd Grade

Category 1

  • Alex Merkel – 3D Art
  • Angelina Fung – Amazing Ocean

Category 2

  • Aiden Kelsey – Extinct or Evolved
  • Morgan Rico – Claire’s House

4th Grade

Category 1

  • Pimprenelle Beheaghel – Fire Fur
  • Michael Boucher – New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Category 2

  • Meghan Kenney – The Penguins
  • Ariana Swoyer – Playful kitten

5th Grade

Category 1

  • Sonya Alam – Hawaiian Sunset
  • Olivia Munroe – Spatter Art

Category 2

  • Isabel Sloman – Day at the Beach
  • Madhu Velmurugan – A Day Out for Sail

Vining Talent Show Results

The Vining students took the stage Thursday, February 16th and did not disappoint! The show consisted of 19 student acts and a surprise act performed by some of the Vining teachers!

The teachers performed an entertaining skit with a positive message about bullying. This event could not have happened without the help of our many volunteers, Thank you!
A special thank you goes out to our judges State Rep. Marc Lombardo, Sandra Libby from Billerica parks and playgrounds, and singer Krista Angelucci.

The following students will move on to the Town Wide Talent Show and represent the Vining School (In no particular order):

Grades K-2
1. Janelle Mejia and Nicole Nelson (group dance)
2. Alice Serbin ( solo dance)
3. Cailey McDevitt (comedy)
4. Jacqueline Behaeghel ( solo dance)
5. Lily Delisle (solo voice)

Grades 3-5
1. Alexandra Pace ( solo voice)
2. Lindsay Mitchell, Alie Thurlow, Chloe Pelrine and Meagan Dean ( group dance)
3. Ashley Delvecchio, Alysha Diamont, Karina Mejia ( group dance)
4. Ashley Delisle and Brianna Deflumeri ( group dance)
5. Pimprenelle Behaeghel and Ariana Swoyer ( group instrument)
6. Nyah Fitzharris ( solo voice)