2013 Elementary Art Show Winners

Congratulations to all of the participants and finalists in this year’s 15th Annual Elementary Art Show competition!

Here are the winners:

My Family by Isabella Stevens- K- Vining   Cat.1

Day in the Aquarium by Nikita Neogi, K, Ditson Cat. 1

Shiny by Michael Clery- K- Vining    Cat 2

Butterfly In The Grass by Lauren Ouellete, K, Cat 2

Pumpkin Field by Jessie Geng, gr1, Parker, cat 1

Blue Owl by Tyler Jeffers, gr1, Dutile, cat 1

Babycakes by Jake Amoroso, Gr 1, Kennedy, cat 2

Medieval Castle by Dillon West, gr1, Dutile, cat 2

The Lorax Trees by Aidan Le, gr2, Kennedy, cat 1

Zenfully Tangled by Anuva Agrawal, gr2, Dutile, Cat 1

Alligator Cove        by Connor Charles McDevitt , gr2, Ditson, cat 2

Just Chillin”by Frankie Varallo & Kylie McGowan gr2,Dutile cat 2

Rajasthani Women Fetching Water by Meghna Yeladani, gr3, Ditson, cat 1

The Colorful Sea Turtle by Nadine Abuhamdeh, gr3, Dutile, cat 1

Going Fishing by Riley Foye, gr3, Hajjar, cat 2

Tiny Food by Izzy Wiroll, gr3, Hajjar, cat 2

Owl by Angelina Fung,gr 4, Parker, cat 1

The Farmer’s Market by Cecilia Taucher, gr4, Ditson, cat 1

Origami SWANby Christian So, gr4, Parker, cat 2

The Metal Wand by Gavin Bourdeau, gr 4, Hajjar, cat 2

Sunset Path by Abagayle Pitchford , gr5, Kennedy, cat 1

One Direction Zayn Malik by Shannen Damon , gr5, Ditson, cat 1

Dragon Dreams by  Ariana Swoyer , gr5, Vining cat 2

Animal Bags: Dog and Bunny by Lilla Torontali, gr5, Parker, Cat 2


Committee Choice Awards:

Hello Kitty Loves Her House       by Lauren Aliberti , K, Ditson  Cat 2

Lovely Rosesby Herin Lee, gr 1, Kennedy, cat 1

Taj Mahal Glowing at Sunset by Tanvi Muppala,gr2, Ditson Cat 1

Hummingbird by Isabel Cruz, gr3, Hajjar, cat 1

Marilyn Monroe by Maya DiMino, gr4, Ditson, cat 1 (tie)

Recycled Nature by Sachi Joshi, gr4, Parker, cat 2 (tie)

Pugs and Kisses Party  by Marina Stagliola, gr4 Ditson (tie)

Balloon Going High In The Sky by Paige Salvi, gr5, Kennedy, cat 2

Parker Elementary School Art Show Results

The artists whose pieces will be representing the Parker School at the 15th Annual Town Wide Art Show on March 23th at the Locke Middle School are:


“Music Burst” By Adam Picariello -Heighes  -2D

“The Riddler’s Funhouse” By  Talan Pavao – Kindergarten – 2D

First Grade

“Pumpkin Field” By Jessie Geng –  2D

“The Cobra” By  Scott Canney – 2D

“Lily the Frog” By Alexandra Whitten  – 3D

“The Ocean of the Mysterious Island” By Nico Schmalz  – 3D

Second Grade

“Beautiful Snowman” By Emma Mercure – 2D

“Colorful Turtle” By Jessica Patti – 2D

“Fun in the Snow” By  Rayne De Giorgio – 3D

“The Fruit Bowl” By Olivia Battcock – 3D

Third Grade

“Taj Mahal” By Anjali Tiwari – 2D

“The Brazilian Coral Snake” By Kelsei Call – 2D

“The Big Showcase” By Amanda Avery – 3D

“A Missed Christmas: Angels of SandyHook” By Cailey McDevitt – 3D

Fourth Grade

“Owl” By Angelina Fung – 2D

“Warrior” By Jake Jensen – 2D

“Origami SWAN The art of paper folding ”  By Christian So  – 3D

“Recycled Nature” By Sachi Joshi – 3D

Fifth Grade

“My Sister and I” By Arushi Kalpande  – 2D

“Recycled Lizard” By Isabel Zammuto  – 2D

“Animal Bags: Dog and Bunny” By Lilla Torontali – 3D

“Unlikely Friends Share a Meal” By Lauren Sargent – 3D

Parker Elementary School Talent Show Results

The performers who will be representing the Parker School at the 15th Annual Town Wide Talent Show on March 23th at the Locke Middle School (in no particular order) are:

Grades K-2

Adam Picariello-Heighes – Kindergarten – Solo Dance

Jakob Fallon – Grade 2 – Solo Instrument

Rushika Susarla – Grade 1 – Solo Dance

Keira Walsh – Grade 2 – Solo Voice

London Pavao – Grade 1 – Solo Voice

Kaylee Capone – Grade 1 – Solo Dance

Grades 3-5

Christian So – Grade 4 – Extreme Martial Arts

Anvita Kalpande – Grade 1 and Arushi Kalpande – Grade 5 – Group Dance

Sachi Joshi – Grade 4 – Solo Dance

Cailey McDevitt – Grade 3 – Queen of Comedy

Olivia Russo – Grade 3 – Solo Voice

Lilla Torontali – Grade 5 – Solo Voice

Parker School Art and Talent Show Results

The performers who will be representing the Parker School at the 14th Annual Town Wide Talent Show on March 24th at the Marshall Middle School (in no particular order) are:

Grades K-2

Alexis Efstratiou, Grade 2: Solo Voice – “Maybe” from Annie

Marco Cugno, Grade 2: Solo Dance – Hip Hop “Party Rock”

Anjali Tiwari, Grade 2: Other Talents – Poetry (“Original Creation” by Anjali Tiwali)

Mikayla Cafaro, Kindergarten: Solo Dance – “Mickey” by Tony Basil

Hayley De Giorgio, Kindergarten, Rayne De Giorgio, Grade 1: Multi-Talented: Group Song and Dance – (“Under The Sea” from The Little Mermaid)

Madison Rizzo, Grade 2, Olivia Russo, Grade 2, Kailey Roche, Grade 2: Multi-Talented: Group Song and Dance – “Freak The Freak Out” by Victoria Justice

Grades 3-5

Arushi Kalpande, Grade 4, Avani Agrawal, Grade 4: Group Cultural Dance – Indian Classical Dance

Christian So, Grade 3: Solo Martial Arts – Take the Future by DJ Foggy

Anita Gulia, Grade 4: Solo Voice – ‘Lo Scrivero nel vento (I’ll write it in the wind)

Mia Cafaro, Grade 3, Jessica Lauro, Grade 3(from Hajjar School): Group Dance – “Material Girl” by Madonna

Katie Wiggins, Grade 5: Solo Voice – “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri

Madison Bosworth, Grade 5: Solo Voice – “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera

The artists whose pieces will be representing the Parker School at the 14th Annual Town Wide Art Show on March 24th at the Marshall Middle School are:

Pieces Chosen for the Town Wide Art Program Booklet

“Shell Island” by Christian So


“Wonderland Brooke” by London Pavao

“I Love Parker School” by Jessie Geng

“Clay Creation” by Sarah Ghojaria

First Grade

“Lincoln Memorial” by Cosmo Siano

“Autumn” by Jessica Patti

“Tree with Bird Nest and Tire Swing” by Olivia Battcock

“Flower Pot Beautiful” by Brooke Battcock

Second Grade

“Bugs Life” by Maximillian DiGiovanni

“A Kestrel at my Window Feeder” by Kelsie Call

“Peacock” by Anjali Tiwari

“Dad and Me Standing in the Backyard” by AJ Tassone

“Puppy Rug” by Amanda Avery

Third Grade

“Time for Tacos” by Sophia Russo

“Flower Power” by Priscilla Ruth McLaughlin

“Seasonal Holidays” by Sachi Joshi

“Shell Island” by Christian So

Fourth Grade

“Flowers of Happiness” by Rachel Hornsby

“Monsters” by Daijah Amoh

“Two Friends Swimming Along” by Lauren Sargent

“Ultimate Shadow and Sonic” by Thomas Calzini

Fifth Grade

“Me: A Self Portrait” by Jana Laurendeau

“King Bobo – Ruler of the Mice” by Riley Hogan