2013 Elementary Art Show Winners

Congratulations to all of the participants and finalists in this year’s 15th Annual Elementary Art Show competition!

Here are the winners:

My Family by Isabella Stevens- K- Vining   Cat.1

Day in the Aquarium by Nikita Neogi, K, Ditson Cat. 1

Shiny by Michael Clery- K- Vining    Cat 2

Butterfly In The Grass by Lauren Ouellete, K, Cat 2

Pumpkin Field by Jessie Geng, gr1, Parker, cat 1

Blue Owl by Tyler Jeffers, gr1, Dutile, cat 1

Babycakes by Jake Amoroso, Gr 1, Kennedy, cat 2

Medieval Castle by Dillon West, gr1, Dutile, cat 2

The Lorax Trees by Aidan Le, gr2, Kennedy, cat 1

Zenfully Tangled by Anuva Agrawal, gr2, Dutile, Cat 1

Alligator Cove        by Connor Charles McDevitt , gr2, Ditson, cat 2

Just Chillin”by Frankie Varallo & Kylie McGowan gr2,Dutile cat 2

Rajasthani Women Fetching Water by Meghna Yeladani, gr3, Ditson, cat 1

The Colorful Sea Turtle by Nadine Abuhamdeh, gr3, Dutile, cat 1

Going Fishing by Riley Foye, gr3, Hajjar, cat 2

Tiny Food by Izzy Wiroll, gr3, Hajjar, cat 2

Owl by Angelina Fung,gr 4, Parker, cat 1

The Farmer’s Market by Cecilia Taucher, gr4, Ditson, cat 1

Origami SWANby Christian So, gr4, Parker, cat 2

The Metal Wand by Gavin Bourdeau, gr 4, Hajjar, cat 2

Sunset Path by Abagayle Pitchford , gr5, Kennedy, cat 1

One Direction Zayn Malik by Shannen Damon , gr5, Ditson, cat 1

Dragon Dreams by  Ariana Swoyer , gr5, Vining cat 2

Animal Bags: Dog and Bunny by Lilla Torontali, gr5, Parker, Cat 2


Committee Choice Awards:

Hello Kitty Loves Her House       by Lauren Aliberti , K, Ditson  Cat 2

Lovely Rosesby Herin Lee, gr 1, Kennedy, cat 1

Taj Mahal Glowing at Sunset by Tanvi Muppala,gr2, Ditson Cat 1

Hummingbird by Isabel Cruz, gr3, Hajjar, cat 1

Marilyn Monroe by Maya DiMino, gr4, Ditson, cat 1 (tie)

Recycled Nature by Sachi Joshi, gr4, Parker, cat 2 (tie)

Pugs and Kisses Party  by Marina Stagliola, gr4 Ditson (tie)

Balloon Going High In The Sky by Paige Salvi, gr5, Kennedy, cat 2

Dutile Elementary School Art Show Results

Dutile Art show winners



Category 1

Pretty Flowers, by Molly Fitzgerald

The Turtle, by Roland Hegedus

Let’s Go See the Monkeys, by Colleen O’Connell


Category 2

Diorama, by Brody Esterbrook


Grade 1

Category 1 

Blue Owl, by Tyler Jeffers 

Painting, by Benjamin Spidle 


Category 2

Medieval Castle, by Dillon West

Flower Power, by Caitlin Fitzgerald


Grade 2

Category 1

Zenfully Tangled, by Anuva Agrawal

Sunset, by Jack O’Connell


Category 2

Monster and Dog, by Sophia Hennessey

Just Chillin’, by Kylie McGowan and Frankie Varallo


Grade 3

Category 1

The Colorful Sea Turtle, by Nadine Abuhamdeh

Potatoe Man, by Thomas Green


Category 2

Balloon, by Alicia Kearney

Dutile, by Rhea Fields


Grade 4

Category 1

Creatures of Avatar World, by Aidan Fitzgerald

Graceful Fish, by Juliana Smart


Category 2

Unique Boutique, by Isabel Haroutunian

Super Mario Galaxy, by Gautham Giridharan


Grade 5

Category 1

Spring Blooms, by Avani Agrawal

The Golden Girl, by Chelsey Barlow

Rainbow Explosion, by Olivia Rogers


Committee Choice Selection:

Dreams Paint  by Hannah SanClemente, Grade 4

Dutile Elementary School Talent Show Results

Thank you to everyone that joined us for a great night of talent at the Dutile School. We had a night filled with many wonderful performers and Artists. Thank you to all that helped make our show a success.

Grades K-2

*Anuva Agrawal ~ Indian Classical Dance in Bharatnatyam style

*Dominic Bastianelli , Anthony Bastianelli, Sarah O’Connell, Jack O’Connelll, Frankie Varallo, Ava Gottmann-Hanrahan, Molly Haggerty, Calie Zimmerman, Colleen O’Connelll, Abigail & Madeline White, McLeod Girls ~ Singing “So Long farewell” from the sound of music. (A group tribute thanking teachers, staff, and friends of the Dutile Community, as these students prepare for their redistricting to the Parker Elementary School.)

*Lily Elmstrom~ Baton Twirler to “Diamond”

*Josiah Burke~ Break dancing to “All Around the World”

*Taylor Fitzpatrick & Abby Boudros ~ Dancing a combination of Jazz & Ballet to “Home”

*Mackenzie Graham, Lindsey Graham, & Eve Stone ~ Singing and Dancing duet to “I Love Rock and Roll”


Grades 3-5

*Avani Agrawal ~ Indian Classical Dance in Bharatnatyam Style.

*Aidan Hines ~ Playing Drums to the Beatles song “Come Together”.

*Jasper Coughlin ~ Playing an original arrangement of Theme From Witches Dance on the violin

*Samantha Gallagher ~ Singing, Playing Piano, and showing a slide show.

*Moriah Scharn ~ Singing “Born this way”

*Rhea Fields ~ dancing to “Inside Of Me”

Dutile School Talent and Art Show Winners

The Dutile Talent Show was a great success!!   Here are our winners . . .

Live Acts  gr. K-2

  • Anuva Agrawal Gr. K-2 Cultural Dance “Choodi Jo Khanke”
  • Amanda MacLeod & Claudia Hadley  Grades 2 & 3 Group Dance “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson
  • Lily Elmstrom Grade 1 Other/Baton “Firework”-KidzBop
  • Jeremy Fabre Grade K Solo instrument/Drums  
  • Audrey Toce & Caitln Fitzgerald Grade k Group Voice “Rubber Ducky”
    Lucia Caruso Grade 1 Other/Joke Telling “Lucia’s Stand Up Comedy”

Live Acts  gr. 3-5

  • Rylee Pratt Grade 5 Solo Dance  “First Love” by Adele
  • Angela Silva Grade 3 Solo Dance  “Don’t Mean a Thing”
  • Samantha Gallagher & Nicole Burns Grade 4 Group Voice “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better” from Annie Get Your Gun
  • Billy Marchant,  Josh Hagen and Dylan Cormier Grade 5 Group Dance “Teach Me How To Jerk”
  • Stella Cronin, Shannon Fitzgerald & Danielle Flaherty Grade 5 Multi-Talent/singing and Dancing “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis Presley
  • Lyndsey Toce Grade 5 Solo Voice  Galileo by Indigo Girls

Art Show

Booklet  Grade 4: Category 1 Emily Wall Untitled

Grade K: Category 1 Tyler Jeffers “Domo”
Grade K: Category 2 Kaya Lovell “Statue of Liberty”
Grade 1: Category 1 Anuva Agrawal Sailing in Summer
Grade 1: Category 1 Jillian Weeks Baxter the Puppy
Grade 1: Category 2 Kylie McGowan My Favorite Place To Be
Grade 1: Category 2 Molly Haggerty Ellie The Elephant
Grade 2: Category 1 Nadine Abuhamdeh A Sky Full of Colors
Grade 2: Category 1 Elise Falcone “curves, line, waves”
Grade 2: Category 2 Alicia Kearney Volcano
Grade 2: Category 2 Michael Dechiara Here Comes Jaws
Grade 3: Category 1 Juliana Smart Wait Up Mama
Grade 3: Category 1 Timothy Annino Dewey The Dragon
Grade 3: Category 2 Gautham Giridharan RECYCLEBOT
Grade 3: Category 2 Joseph Haggerty Stained Glass Soccer
Grade 4: Category 1 Lily Matarazza A Quiet Place
Grade 4: Category 1 Hannah L. George Polar Bears in the Morning
Grade 4: Category 2 Danica Beck Mickey Mouse Club House Basketball Court
Grade 4: Category 2 Avani Agrawal Keepsake Doll
Grade 5: Category 1 Michael OConnell The Day of the Rising Sun
Grade 5: Category 1 Catherine Wright 4 Dogs
Grade 5: Category 2 Emily Barstow Under the Sea
Grade 5: Category 2 Caitlin MacLeod & Julia Olivia “Angry Birds”