2013 Elementary Art Show Winners

Congratulations to all of the participants and finalists in this year’s 15th Annual Elementary Art Show competition!

Here are the winners:

My Family by Isabella Stevens- K- Vining   Cat.1

Day in the Aquarium by Nikita Neogi, K, Ditson Cat. 1

Shiny by Michael Clery- K- Vining    Cat 2

Butterfly In The Grass by Lauren Ouellete, K, Cat 2

Pumpkin Field by Jessie Geng, gr1, Parker, cat 1

Blue Owl by Tyler Jeffers, gr1, Dutile, cat 1

Babycakes by Jake Amoroso, Gr 1, Kennedy, cat 2

Medieval Castle by Dillon West, gr1, Dutile, cat 2

The Lorax Trees by Aidan Le, gr2, Kennedy, cat 1

Zenfully Tangled by Anuva Agrawal, gr2, Dutile, Cat 1

Alligator Cove        by Connor Charles McDevitt , gr2, Ditson, cat 2

Just Chillin”by Frankie Varallo & Kylie McGowan gr2,Dutile cat 2

Rajasthani Women Fetching Water by Meghna Yeladani, gr3, Ditson, cat 1

The Colorful Sea Turtle by Nadine Abuhamdeh, gr3, Dutile, cat 1

Going Fishing by Riley Foye, gr3, Hajjar, cat 2

Tiny Food by Izzy Wiroll, gr3, Hajjar, cat 2

Owl by Angelina Fung,gr 4, Parker, cat 1

The Farmer’s Market by Cecilia Taucher, gr4, Ditson, cat 1

Origami SWANby Christian So, gr4, Parker, cat 2

The Metal Wand by Gavin Bourdeau, gr 4, Hajjar, cat 2

Sunset Path by Abagayle Pitchford , gr5, Kennedy, cat 1

One Direction Zayn Malik by Shannen Damon , gr5, Ditson, cat 1

Dragon Dreams by  Ariana Swoyer , gr5, Vining cat 2

Animal Bags: Dog and Bunny by Lilla Torontali, gr5, Parker, Cat 2


Committee Choice Awards:

Hello Kitty Loves Her House       by Lauren Aliberti , K, Ditson  Cat 2

Lovely Rosesby Herin Lee, gr 1, Kennedy, cat 1

Taj Mahal Glowing at Sunset by Tanvi Muppala,gr2, Ditson Cat 1

Hummingbird by Isabel Cruz, gr3, Hajjar, cat 1

Marilyn Monroe by Maya DiMino, gr4, Ditson, cat 1 (tie)

Recycled Nature by Sachi Joshi, gr4, Parker, cat 2 (tie)

Pugs and Kisses Party  by Marina Stagliola, gr4 Ditson (tie)

Balloon Going High In The Sky by Paige Salvi, gr5, Kennedy, cat 2

Ditson Elementary School Art Show Results

The Ditson School Art Show was on March 14th and was a wonderful night for all the students, family and friends involved. There are some very talented students at the Ditson school with a wealth of artistic ability. There were 70 artists who participated and were all presented with certificates.

The following artists will represent the Ditson at the townwide art show at the Locke Middle School on March 23, 2013.

Kindergarten – Picture Art
Isabella Mitchell ~ 33
“My Brown Horse”

Nikita Neogi ~ 34
“Day in the Aquarium”

Kindergarten 3-D Art
Laura Schramek ~ 29
“Snowy Owl”

Lauren Aliberti ~ 30
“Hello Kitty Loves her House”

Grade 1 – Picture Art (no 3-D winners in 1st grade)
Taryn Avery Doherty ~ 2
“Butterfly Colors”

Saawani Joshi ~ 66

Grade 2 – Picture Art

Tanvi Muppala ~ 6
“Taj Mahal Glowing at Sunset”

Jason Martin ~ 13
“Quarterback Colin Kaepernick”

Grade 2 – 3-D Art
Lindsay McCarthy ~ 48
“Fancy Nancy”

Connor Charles McDevitt ~ 51
“Alligator Cove”

Grade 3 Picture Art

Isabella Bishop ~ 10

Meghna Yeldani ~ 14
“Rajasthani Women Fetching Water”

Grade 3 – 3-D Art

Emily Dagenais ~ 39
“Fish Out of Water”

Christian Tylor Robson ~ 49
“Owl on a Bird House”

Grade 4 – Picture Art

Marina Stagliola ~ 18 (Honorable Mention)
“Pugs and Kisses Party”

Maya DiMino ~ 19
“Marilyn Monroe”

Cecilia Taucher ~ 20
“The Farmer’s Market

Grade 4 – 3-D Art
Maggie Beaton~ 15
“The Sea Angel”

Julie Komarinski ~ 16
“Pixie Hollow”

Grade 5 – Picture Art
Shannen Damon ~ 23
“One Direction Zayn Malik”

Ava Lankowski ~ 45
“Springtime Begins”

Grade 5 – 3-D Art
Harrison Williams ~ 59
“Sid the Red Dragon”

Joseph Hilliker ~ 64
“Water Life”

Ditson Elementary School Talent Show Results

Congratulations to all of our performers for putting on an amazing show last night. There is no denying that the Ditson School has Talent! Thanks for turning an ordinary Monday night into one filled with music, songs and dance that made the audience smile and cheer in support of their talented classmates.

Below is the list of acts/performers that have been selected by the judges to move forward to represent the Ditson at the Town wide show on March 23rd at the Locke Middle School.

Congratulations and Good Luck to all of you!

Performers from Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

  • Rory Walsh, Grade 2 Cultural Dance, choreographed by Rory Walsh ~ King of the Fairies by the Irish Rovers
  • Katherine McMullen, Grade 2 Solo Voice ~ Reflection from the movie Mulan
  • Tanvi Muppala, Grade 2 & Deekshitha Kasagani, Grade 2 Cultural Dance ~ Pushpanjali
  • Jack Repucci, Grade 2 Solo Drum
  • Rebecca Murphy, Grade 4, Emily Murphy, Grade 2; Anna McElhinney, Grade 2; Katie Santamaria, Grade 2, Carolyn Santamaria, Grade 1; Emily Santamaria, Grade 4; Sarah Simonds, Grade 2; Nicole Donati, Grade 2; Kathryn Holland, Grade 2; and Kristina Holland, Grade 4 Group Dance ~ Surfin’ USA by the Beach Boys
  • Kaitlyn Jaffe, Grade 4 & Melea Jaffe, Grade 1 Group Dance ~ Hot & Cold Kidz Bop

Performers from 3rd to 5th Grade

  • Aditya Venkat, Grade 3 Solo Piano ~ Little Red Shoes and Waltz
  • Meghna Yeladandi, Grade 3 Cultural Dance ~ Kuchipudi Jathiswaram Attana
  • Jody Repucci, Grade 4 Solo Dance ~ Lights, Camera, Action
  • Dhruv Nadkarni, Grade 3 Solo Instrument Tabla – Indian Drums
  • Ashleigh Lawless, Grade 5 Cultural Dance – Irish Step Dance ~ A Girl from Dysart by Ronan McCormack
  • Ava Mazzotta, Grade 4 & Téa Desmond, Grade 4 Group Dance ~ Like a Puppet on a String by The Hives


Ditson School Art Show Winners

Last evening the Ditson School proved again that We Have Talent!!  Our Ditson School Artist’s put on a fantastic art display and they all deserve a big applause. We would like to extend a special thanks to all that made this evening a great success; especially the parents and volunteers who make this show possible.  We would also like to thank our judges who had the difficult task of deciding who would move onto the Town-wide show in the Art categories.

Below is the list of students whose Art pieces will be moving on to the Town Wide Show representing the Ditson School:

Vaanathi Sekar – “My Farm in the Fall” – Picture
Laura Schramek – “Airy Fairy” – Picture

Grade 1:
Evan Williams – “Playing in VT” – Picture
Courtney Johnson – “Family” – Picture
Connor C. McDevitt – “The Mighty Shark” – 3D
Lauren Aucoin – “Spring Garden” – 3D

Grade 2:
Meghna Yeladandi – “Beach” – Picture
Michaela Picardi – “Creative Cut Outs” – Picture
Anisha Goel – “Downtown Buildings” – 3D
Stephanie Sardella – “Superbowl Fun” – 3D

Grade 3:
Marina Stagliola – “Teacup Puppy” – Picture
Savannah Battle – “Crazy Hair Day” – Picture
Nethra Vasudevan – “Wall Décor” – 3D
Lauren Montion – “Taking Pictures” – 3D

Grade 4:
Natalie Parisse – “Hummingbird” – Picture
Sriram Krishnamoorthy – “Star Dragon Family” – Picture
Grace Farrell – “Cinderella” – 3D
Brooke Larson – “My Camp” – 3D

Grade 5:
Austin Waalewyn – “Great White” – Picture
Nicholas Tuccelli – “Color Burst” – Picture
Sreyas Yennampelli – “India’s Topographic Map” – 3D
Corban Walsh – “The Hobbit Game” – 3D

Honorable Mention:
Mia DiPerri, Grade 3 – “Under the Sea” – Picture

Ditson School Talent Show Results

Tonight, the Ditson School proved that We Have Talent!!  All our performers put on a fantastic show and they all deserve a big applause. We would like to extend a special thanks to all that made this evening a great success; Tom Laquidara our DJ, Mrs. Murphy our Emcee, the DSA and the many, many staff members, parents and volunteers who make this show possible.  We would also like to thank our judges who had the difficult task of deciding who would move onto the Town-wide Talent show.

Below are the list of students who will be moving on to the Town Wide Talent Show representing the Ditson School:

Grades Kindergarten – 2:

Deekshitha Kasagani (cultural dance)
Sofia Mazzotta and Ava DiMauro (group dance)
Katherine McMullen (solo singing)
Jillian Schultz (hula hoop)
Rory Walsh (cultural dance)
Meghna Yeladandi (cultural dance)

Grades 3 – 5:

Samantha Demoy & Alyssa Skane (group dance)
SriDhikshitha Devanand & Divya Sambathkumar (cultural dance)
SriDhanuseshwar Devanand (cultural dance)
Jagan Krishnasamy (solo instrument – piano)
Roshan Ravi (web-site demonstration he built)
Tina Tailor (cultural dance)