Town-wide Talent Show Information

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal: April 6, 2018 at the Locke auditorium

(Rehearsal times are approximate)

Grades K-2 (acts 1-17): 4:30-5:30/ Grades 3-5 (acts 18 and up): 6:30-7:30 -Each act will be assigned a number, and a list of who is what number act will be posted here.

As long as your school coordinator has the music you performed to, they should be able to get it to the sound engineer for the town-wide show. Parents will be contacted if there is any issue with the music.

Information Regarding Performing in the Town Wide Talent Show
*Arrival Time:  1:30     *Check-in table will be located in the hallway leading to the back stage area.

-Each performer will be allowed ONE parent/guardian/responsible adult guest that may accompany them into the back stage area. You are welcome to leave your child backstage while you find your seats in the theater.

-Guest passes will be issued at check-in. This guest should pick up the performer end of the show.

-Students in the backstage area and auditorium are chaperoned.

*No food or drink is allowed in the Auditorium!

  • Remember, this is a school event.  Please respect other performers, audience members, the school, all our volunteers, and staff.   Disrespectful actions could result in disqualification from judging.

Show Date:                 Saturday, April 7, 2018, Locke Middle School, Allen Rd. Billerica

Grades K-2 will be in acts 1-18  ~  INTERMISSION  ~  Grades 3-5 will be in acts 19-36.

ALL Students should arrive by 1:30 and check in.


  • $8.00 Adults 
  • $5.00 Students/Seniors
  • performer is free

They can be purchased at the door or prior to the show at the Locke Middle School Friday, April 6th from 4-8pm. (Cash,Check or Credit)

***All Final Decisions rest with the Talent Show Committee & the Billerica Partners for Education.***

Parker Talent Show 2018

We played before a packed house after having rescheduled from last week.  We ran our Art Show concurrently with over 40 pieces of art that showed off our Parker student’s talents.  With 27 acts or singing, comedy, dance and kung-fu, the Parker students and families were treated to quite a night of entertainment.
The acts moving on to the town wide show are:
Grade K – 2
        Ellie Parker – Grade 2 – Solo Dance: Ballet to Blue Stone Alley – Ellie danced a beautiful ballet to Blue Stone Alley and really wowed the crowd with her grace.
        Arya Deshmukh – Kindergarten – Solo Voice: “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten – Kindergartener Arya sang a great rendition of Fight Song
        Bristol Card – Grade 2 – Poetry – A poem by Bristol Card – Bristol, for the 2nd year, read a new poem she wrote.  Her creativity and word mastery is off the charts.
        Dylan Thibeau – Grade 1 – Kung Fu Performance – Dylan performed a knock-out Kung-Fu performance and showed off all his moves.
Grade 3 – 5
        Jason Weeks – Grade 3 –  Kung Fu Demonstration – Jason followed with another powerful Kung-Fu showing.
        Mia Monteiro – Grade 5 – Solo Dance” “Classic” by MKTO – Mia performed an elegant dance.
        Devina Paul – Grade 3 – Solo Instrument – Violin – Theme to “Star Wars” – Devina played her beautiful violin to “Star Wars”.

Hajjar Talent Show 2018

The Hajjar talent show was a great event! Lots of amazing acts and a supportive audience that enjoyed every moment. Thanks go to judges Mary McBride, Jim Gatley, Ed Giroux and Carol Bertolucci, MC Sandra Giroux, Sound Engineer Justin Whitfield and the HPA, including Jen Cedrone, Kati Pendleton, Crystal McKenna, Amanda Whitfield, Robyn Foti and Alicia Reddin. We also couldn’t have done this without the support of Mrs. Devine and the Hajjar staff.

The acts moving on to the town wide show are:

Grades K-2

Adrianna Churchill, grade 2, Dance Solo to “Me Too”
Aine Deslaurier, grade 2 Irish Step Dance Solo
Cedar Stakem, grade 2 Vocal Solo to “Can’t Stop the Feeling”
Ario Bahraminejad, grade 2 Vocal Solo to “Summer of 69”

Grades 3-5

Ava Hawrylciw, grade 5, Flute Solo to “A Thousand Years”
Isabella Carcione, grade 5, Ella, grade 1,  & Charlotte, grade 4, Whitfield, Song & Dance to “Cups”
Lauren Ouellette & Grace Leyne, grade 5, Trumpet Duet to “Defender of Time”

Vining Talent Show 2018

The Vining was certainly shining last night! We had many great performances, and lots of cheering from the audience! Thank you very much to our judges Catherine, Sherry and Kara,  Mike Stevens, Alicia Clarke and Kimberly McDermott and Mrs. Gibelli and the Vining staff, as well as the Vining PTO for all their help!

Grades K-2

John-David Senoga (2): Dance, Individual Act: Got this Feeling by Justin Timberlake

Corrina Scull (K) and Kiana Grant (K): Singing, Group Act:  Besties Make Magic Written by Corrina and Kiana

Luke Fennelly (1), Jacob Clark (2) to assist: Hockey Goalie Routine, Individual Act:  Bruins Goal Song

Grades 3-5

Andre Pace (4): Saxophone, Individual Act: Ice and Fire and Careless Whisper

Isabella Stevens (5): Singing, Individual Act: Rise Up by Andra Day

Maeve Johnson (5): Singing, Individual Act: Hallelujah by Tori Kelly and Jennifer Hudson

Kennedy Talent Show 2018

It was a great night.  A special thank you to Derrell Lipman, Mo Russell, Jayme Laurenza as well as the stage crew and the Emcees.  A big thank you to our judges, Jodi Richardson, Colleen Sgroi, Leah Gagnon and Linda Alleca. We’d also like to thank Mr Marble and the Kennedy PTO for putting together a wonderful event  as well as all the students that participated sharing their many talents!

The acts moving on to the town wide show are:

Grades K-2:
Melanie Mahoney (gr 3) & Allyson Mahoney (gr 2) group dance to “Consider Yourself”
Natalie Barry (gr 1) & Emma Bucci (gr 1)  group gymnastics to “It Ain’t Me”
Delia Leanco (gr 2) solo dance to “Better When I’m Dancing”
Grades 3-5:
Haidyn Schneider (gr 4) solo vocal to “To Believe “
Lindsey Mulkerin (gr 5) solo dance to “I Lived”
Kyle McLaughlin (gr 5) solo vocal to “Crocodile Rock”

Ditson Talent Show 2018

The show was amazing!  All of the acts did an incredible job.  We’d like to thank Mrs Murphy for being the master of ceremonies, the judges-Pat Leverone, Lynnette Clement, and Darlene Torre.  They volunteered their time to come and help.  We really appreciate it!  This year we had some special guest stars…The Ditson Teachers!  They were awesome and even the principal, Mrs Hatem danced with them.  We would also like to thank Mrs Hatem, Mrs Hannon, the custodial staff, the DSA, and the many volunteers, parents, and staff members that made this show possible. If was such a fun night and we are already looking forward to next year!

The students moving on to the town-wide show on April 7th are:
Grades K-2
Charlotte Fennelly, grade 2,  Irish Step Dance to  Toss the Feathers by The Corrs
James Robertson, grade 1, Solo Piano to Remember Me from Coco by Kristen Anderson & Robert Lopez

Mya Green & Lyla Hardy, grade 1, Group Dance to Remember Me from Coco by Kristen Anderson & Robert Lopez

Grades 3-5
Sophie Lacombe, grade 5, solo double bass to Game of Thrones Theme by Stephen Warbeck
Abby Farmer, grade 3, solo Dance to Mi gentle by J Balvin
Azuri Carmichael, grade 3, piano & voice solo to My Favorite Things by Rogers & Hammerstein


Dutile’s Got Talent 2018

Congratulations to ALL of the performers at Dutile’s Got Talent 2018!!  We had such AWESOME talent by all performers and lots of audience interaction with clapping and “oh’s and ahh’s”.  Our judges had a hard job with all this AWESOME talent; they selected the following acts to move on to “Talent of Billerica 2018” on April 7th:
Grade Kindergarten – 2 Winners:
—Danielle Gallant (Kindergarten) performing a Short and Sweet Irish Step Dance

—Jillian Neugebauer (Grade 2) dancing to “Me Too-KidzBop” by Meghan Trainor
—Guytano (Grade 3) & Angelina (Grade 2) Lombardo, Brother & Sister Team Playing Piano into Dancing to “Shooting Stars” by Bag Raiders
Grade 3-5 Winners:
—Brody Esterbrook (Grade 5) Playing Guitar Melody of “Rumble” by Link Wray
—Heidi LeBeau (Grade 5) Performing a Stand Up Comedy Act
—Chloe (Grade 5) & Gabriel (Grade 4) Kisekka Singing and Playing Piano of “Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston
A big thank you to all the parent volunteers that helped make the show run smoothly!  Thank you to our wonderful judges, Ed Giroux, Sandra Giroux and Caroline Busnach who had such a difficult job and did so with smiles.  Thank you to our lively MC, Kevin Phelan.  An extra thank you to our custodians for setting up the cafe so wonderfully.  Thank you SO much to Mrs. McGarr for once again making the kids shine extra on stage.  A big thank you to Mrs. Balzotti and Mrs. Stack for doing so much behind the scenes.  Meredith and Audrey are passing the talent show baton to Jen and Jenni, who we thank so much for stepping up to take over and for shadowing us this year!