2019 Town Wide talent show results

A very special thanks and round of applause to all our Shining Star Student Performers!

A Big Thank you to the many that help make this show possible;

Individual Elementary Show Coordinators:

Ditson: : Christine Daly & Michele Fennelly
Dutile: Jennifer Normand
Hajjar: Amanda Whitfield & Robin Foti
Kennedy: Erin Bump
Parker: Amy & David Palmerino
Vining: Kathleen Skelton
(Thanks to all the Principals and PTO’s for your support!)

Emcee: Locke Middle School Principal Tony Garas

Judges & Tally personnelJanice McHugh, Sarah Nahrmann, Marie Davis, Angie    Orenstein, Maria Hamilton and Caitlin Barbas

Sound Engineer: Mike Stevens helped by Kyle McLaughin

Student Volunteers: Susanna Gillis, Megan Moore, Pimprenelle Behaeghel, Eryn Ward, Isabella Stevens and Maeve Johnson

Grown-up Volunteers: Jill Geiser, Maria Hamilton, Meara Murphy, Kara Vasello, Lauren Hennessey, Sandra Giroux,  Darlene Torre, and John Burrows

Our Sponsor: Billerica Partners for Education

All the Proceeds from this and other BPED programs go directly to providing grants to educators from our Pre-k, Elementary, Middle and High Schools.

The winners in no particular order are:

Grades Kindergarten- 2

 Pamela Riendeau, (Gr.1), Dutile, Singing a Chinese short song

 Zoe Murray, Parker, Performing a gymnastics routine

 Lauren Femia, (Gr.K), Hajjar, Performing an Irish Step Dance

 Ariana Bagrowski, (Gr.1), Dutile, Performing Dancing with Gymnastics

 Lillyanna Wright, Parker, Dancing to “A Million Dreams” from “The Greatest Showman”

 Shreya Seshan, (Gr.K), Meha Seshan, Shomili Ghosh, & Nikhil Gandhi, (Gr.1), Ditson, Dancing to “Kaala Chasma” an Indian Bollywood Song

 Grades 3-5

Sebastian Nortelus, (Gr.4), Vining, Dancing to a Michael Jackson Song Mix

Haidyn Schneider, (Gr.5), Kennedy, Singing “I Dreamed a Dream” by Boublil, Schonberg & Kretzmer

Guytano Lombardo, (Gr.4), Dutile, Performing on Piano while singing, “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.

Melanie Mahoney (Gr.4) & Allyson Mahoney, (Gr.3), Kennedy, Dancing to “Ease on Down the Road” (Mix)

Gabriel Kisekka, (Gr.5), Dutile, Performing on Piano “Autumn Leaves” by Nat King Cole

 Aine Deslaurier, (Gr.3), Hajjar, Performing an Irish Reel

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