Parker Talent Show 2019 Results

We had another full house as the students performed with confidence, poise and fun and it was all topped it off with a great fundraiser for the 4th and 5th graders. Thank you to the families, students and staff who helped prepare and present a great show!
The acts moving on the the town wide talent show are as follows:
In Grades K – 2
            – Zoe Murray (2nd) with a gymnastics routine
            – Lillyanna Wright (1st) dancing to “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest           Showman
            – Brayden Fialkosky & Cameron Femia (1st) performing a hockey demonstration
                (with rollerblades, hockey sticks and nets
       In Grades 3 – 5
           – Bristol (3rd) & Remington (1st) Card reading a self writtenPoem
           – Jennifer Eger, Hailey Eger and Alexis Lianidakis (3rd) singing “A Million Dreams” from                 The Greatest Showman
           – Devansh Vats (3rd) & Tanush Diwakar (4th) Dancing a Bollywood Dance

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