Vining Talent Show 2019 Results

Thank you to the Vining staff who went above and beyond this year, Principal Gibelli for her support and kindness, Mrs. Kim McDermott for her years of support with this event, and Mr. Mike Stevens who has volunteered for the sound and production of this event countless years but this year came back to support the final Vining event even though his children are older and are students at other schools.  That is community love!

The Partners for Education would like to thank Kathleen Skelton and the previous coordinators of the Vining talent show for many years of hard work supporting the Partners for Education. The Vining will be missed, but we look forward to seeing the students, parents and staff as they represent new schools next year!

The acts that are moving on, in no particular order are:
Grades K-2
1. Dance Act: Elise Skelton (Gr. 2) “House of Gold” by twenty one pilots.
2. Karate Form: Eli Baldwin (Gr. 4), Colin Baldwin (Gr. 1)
3. Singing Act: Cooper Reynolds (Gr. 1) “Write a Song” by Cooper Reynolds
Grades 3-5
1. Dance Act: Sebastian Nortelus (Gr. 4) Michael Jackson Song Mix
2. Dance Act: Erin Skelton (Gr. 4) “Suddenly” by Leann Rimes
3. Comedy Act: Jillian Isbell (Gr. 4)

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