Dutile Talent Show 2019 results

What a fantastic talent show we had last night! The performers were awesome and the volunteers made it a successful night! Thanks to everyone who helped, and everyone who cheered on and supported the kids!!

This  year we had 22 acts, which is almost double the number from last year!  We were fortunate to have so many talented acts, such as martial arts demonstrations, many excellent piano performances, vocal and dance performances, including a couple of group dances.  Additionally, we had such a large and friendly audience for this years show!  The Art show was also a huge success this year, with more entries than usual.  The Dutile is fortunate to have so many talented students!

The acts moving on to the town wide show are (in no particular order):

Grades K-2

Jackson Hennesey – Solo – Piano.  Jackson is in second grade at the Dutile.  He played Fur Elise, followed by 2 original compositions on the piano.
Ariana Bagrowski – Solo – Dance.  Ariana is a first grader at the Dutile.  She performed a beautiful dance filled with gymnastics movements.
Pamela Riendeau – Solo – Vocal. Pamela is a first grader at the Dutile.  She sang a beautiful Chinese short song.
Grades 3-5
Gabriel Kisekka – Solo – Piano.  Gabe is a fifth grader, and he played Autumn Leaves by Nat King Cole on the piano.
Guytano Lombardo – Solo – Piano w. vocal.  Guy is a fourth grader, who played the piano and sang “Dont’ Stop Believing” by Journey.
Lily Clogston – Solo – Martial Arts Demonstration.  Lily is in the 3rd grader and she performed a Taekwondo demonstration.

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