Town-wide talent show winners 2018

The 20th town-wide talent show is done! It all went very well. It couldn’t have happened without all our volunteers.

Thanks to our Individual Elementary Show Coordinators:
Ditson: Christine Daly & Michele Fennelly
Dutile: Meredith Lovell, Jennifer Normand, & Audrey Xintaropoulos
Hajjar: Robyn Foti & Alicia Reddin
Kennedy: Elizabeth Gardner & Christina McLaughlin
Parker: Amy & David Palmerino
Vining: Alicia Clarke, Kimberly McDermott, Kathleen Skelton, & Mike Stevens

Special Thanks to:
Our judges: Marie Davis, Jennifer Huberty, Sarah Nahrmann, & Angie Orenstein
Our Emcee: Principal Tony Garas
Our Tally People: Carol Bertolucci & Kara Vasello

And all of our behind the scenes support!
Adult Volunteers: Linda Alleca,  Caroline Busnach, Sandra Giroux, Maria Hamilton Lauren Hennessey & Meara Murphy
Student Volunteers: Kelli & Ryan Alleca, Lindsay Bento, Susanna Gillis, Josh, Luke & Nick Palmerino, Emma, Erin & Elise Skelton

The winners are, in no particular order:

Melanie Mahoney, (Gr 3), & Allyson Mahoney, (Gr 2), Kennedy, Dancing to “Consider Yourself” from the musical “Oliver”

Guytano Lombardo, (Gr 3), & Angelina Lombardo, (Gr 2), Dutile, Playing Piano with Dancing to “Shooting Stars” by Bag Raiders

Delia Leanco, (Gr 2), Kennedy, Dancing to “Better When I’m Dancing” by M.Trainor

Aine Deslaurier, (Gr 2), Hajjar, Irish Step Dancing to “Irish Reel” by Ellery Klein and Ryan Lacey

Charlotte Fennelly, (Gr 2), Ditson, Irish Step Dancing to “Toss the Feathers” By The Corrs

Bristol Card, (Gr 2), Parker, Reciting Self-Penned Poetry

Haidyn Schneider, (Gr 4), Kennedy Singing “Believe” by M. Evancho

Andre Pace (Gr 4), Vining, Performing on the Saxophone “Game of Thrones” by R. Djawadi & “Careless Whisper” by G. Michael

Isabella Stevens, (Gr 5), Vining, Singing “Rise Up” by Andra Day

Chloe Kisekka, (Gr 5), & Gabriel Kisekka, (Gr 4), Dutile, Singing & Playing Piano to “The Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston

Kyle McLaughlin (Gr 5), Kennedy, Singing “Crocodile Rock” by Elton John

Maeve Johnson, (Gr 5), Vining, Singing “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen

Thank you again, see you next year! Taryn Gillis & Catherine Barbas, coordinators

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