Town wide Talent Show Line-Up

1.  Danielle Gallant, (K), Dutile, Performing a Short and Sweet Irish Step Dance

2.  Cedar Stakem, (Gr 1), Hajjar, Singing “Can’t Stop the Feeling”

3.  Ellie Parker, (Gr 2), Parker, Dancing Ballet to “Blue Stone Alley”

4.  Corrina Scull, (K,) & Kiana Grant, (K), Vining, Singing “Besties Make Magic” Written by Corrina and Kiana

5.  Melanie Mahoney, (Gr 3), & Allyson Mahoney, (Gr 2), Kennedy, Dancing to “Consider Yourself” from the musical “Oliver”

6.  James Robertson, (Gr 1), Ditson, Playing Piano to “Remember Me” from Coco

7.  Adrianna Churchill, Hajjar, Dancing to “Me Too”

8.  Guytano Lombardo, (Gr 3), & Angelina Lombardo, (Gr 2), Dutile, Playing Piano with Dancing to “Shooting Stars” by Bag Raiders

9.  Arya Deshmukh, (K), Parker, Singing “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten

10.  John-David Senoga, (Gr 2), Vining, Dancing to “Got this Feeling” by Justin Timberlake

11.  Delia Leanco, (Gr 2), Kennedy, Dancing to “Better When I’m Dancing” by M.Trainor

12.  Mya Green, (Gr 1), & Lyla Hardy, (Gr 1), Ditson, Dancing to “How Far I’ll Go” by Auli’I Cravalho

13.  Aine Deslaurier, (Gr 2), Hajjar, Irish Step Dancing to “Irish Reel” by Ellery Klein and Ryan Lacey

14.  Jillian Neugebauer, (Gr 2), Dutile, Dancing to “Me Too” by M. Trainor

15.   Dylan Thibeau, (Gr 1), Parker, Performing a Kung-Fu Demonstration

16.  Luke Fennelly, (Gr 1), assisted by Jacob Clark, (Gr 2), Vining, Performing a Hockey Goalie Routine to “Zombie Nation” (Boston Goalie Song) by Kernkraft 400

17.  Natalie Barry, (Gr 1), & Emma Bucci, (Gr 1), Kennedy, Performing gymnastics to “It Ain’t Me” by Selena Gomez

18.  Charlotte Fennelly, (Gr 2), Ditson, Irish Step Dancing to “Toss the Feathers” By The Corrs

19. Bristol Card, (Gr 2), Parker, Reciting Self-Penned Poetry

20. Ario Bahraminejad, (Gr 2) Hajjar, Singing “Summer of 69” by Bryan Adams

21.  Azuri Carmichael, (Gr 3), Ditson, Playing Piano and Singing “My Favorite Things” by Rogers & Hammerstein

22.  Haidyn Schneider, (Gr 4), Kennedy Singing “Believe” by M. Evancho

23.  Andre Pace (Gr 4), Vining, Performing on the Saxophone “Game of Thrones” by R. Djawadi & “Careless Whisper” by G. Michael

24.  Mia Monteiro, (Gr 5), Parker, Dancing to “Classic” by MKTO

25.  Brody Esterbrook, (Gr 5), Dutile, Playing a Guitar Melody “Rumble” by L. Wray

26.  Isabella Carcione, (Gr 5), Ella Whitfield, (Gr 1), & Charlotte Whitfield (Gr 4), Hajjar, Singing & Dancing to “Cups” by Anna Kendrick

27.  Abby Farmer (Gr 3), Ditson, Dancing to “Mi Gentle” by J. Balvin

28. Lindsey Mulkerin, (Gr 5), Kennedy, Dancing to “I Lived” by One Republic

29. Isabella Stevens, (Gr 5), Vining, Singing “Rise Up” by Andra Day

30.  Jason Weeks, (Gr 3), Parker, Presenting a Kung-Fu Demonstration

31.  Chloe Kisekka, (Gr 5), & Gabriel Kisekka, (Gr 4), Dutile, Singing & Playing Piano to “The Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston

32.  Audrey Downing, (Gr 4), Hajjar, gymnastics routine to “How Far I’ll Go” from “Moana”

33.  Sophie Lacombe, (Gr 5), Ditson, Playing on Double Bass “Game of Thrones Theme” by S. Warbeck

34.  Kyle McLaughlin (Gr 5), Kennedy, Singing “Crocodile Rock” by Elton John

35.  Maeve Johnson, (Gr 5), Vining, Singing “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen

36.  Devina Paul, (Gr 3), Parker, Performing on Violin the “Star Wars Theme”

37.  Heidi LeBeau, (Gr 5), Dutile, Performing a Stand Up Comedy Act

 38.  Ava Hawrylciw, (Gr 5), Hajjar, Playing on the Flute “A Thousand Years”

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