Parker Talent Show 2018

We played before a packed house after having rescheduled from last week.  We ran our Art Show concurrently with over 40 pieces of art that showed off our Parker student’s talents.  With 27 acts or singing, comedy, dance and kung-fu, the Parker students and families were treated to quite a night of entertainment.
The acts moving on to the town wide show are:
Grade K – 2
        Ellie Parker – Grade 2 – Solo Dance: Ballet to Blue Stone Alley – Ellie danced a beautiful ballet to Blue Stone Alley and really wowed the crowd with her grace.
        Arya Deshmukh – Kindergarten – Solo Voice: “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten – Kindergartener Arya sang a great rendition of Fight Song
        Bristol Card – Grade 2 – Poetry – A poem by Bristol Card – Bristol, for the 2nd year, read a new poem she wrote.  Her creativity and word mastery is off the charts.
        Dylan Thibeau – Grade 1 – Kung Fu Performance – Dylan performed a knock-out Kung-Fu performance and showed off all his moves.
Grade 3 – 5
        Jason Weeks – Grade 3 –  Kung Fu Demonstration – Jason followed with another powerful Kung-Fu showing.
        Mia Monteiro – Grade 5 – Solo Dance” “Classic” by MKTO – Mia performed an elegant dance.
        Devina Paul – Grade 3 – Solo Instrument – Violin – Theme to “Star Wars” – Devina played her beautiful violin to “Star Wars”.

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