Hajjar Talent Show 2018

The Hajjar talent show was a great event! Lots of amazing acts and a supportive audience that enjoyed every moment. Thanks go to judges Mary McBride, Jim Gatley, Ed Giroux and Carol Bertolucci, MC Sandra Giroux, Sound Engineer Justin Whitfield and the HPA, including Jen Cedrone, Kati Pendleton, Crystal McKenna, Amanda Whitfield, Robyn Foti and Alicia Reddin. We also couldn’t have done this without the support of Mrs. Devine and the Hajjar staff.

The acts moving on to the town wide show are:

Grades K-2

Adrianna Churchill, grade 2, Dance Solo to “Me Too”
Aine Deslaurier, grade 2 Irish Step Dance Solo
Cedar Stakem, grade 2 Vocal Solo to “Can’t Stop the Feeling”
Ario Bahraminejad, grade 2 Vocal Solo to “Summer of 69”

Grades 3-5

Ava Hawrylciw, grade 5, Flute Solo to “A Thousand Years”
Isabella Carcione, grade 5, Ella, grade 1,  & Charlotte, grade 4, Whitfield, Song & Dance to “Cups”
Lauren Ouellette & Grace Leyne, grade 5, Trumpet Duet to “Defender of Time”

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