Kennedy School 2016 Talent Show


It was a great night at the Kennedy! Lots of excitement and great talent!
Thank you to everyone who made it happen!
Moving on to the town wide show:
Grades K-2:
Nathan Reynolds (K) performing Martial Arts
Haidyn Schneider (2) singing”Defying Gravity” from Wicked
Maria (3) & Gabriel (K) Digilio dancing to “Set it off” from Descendents
Lindsey Mulkerin (3), Darianna Cerulo (3) & Ella Gualtieri (3) dancing a dance they choreographed to “Me and My Girls”
Kyle McLaughlin (3) & Maggie Cabot (3) playing the piano and singing to  “Yesterday”
Kelli Lynne Alleca (5) singing a “Pat Benatar Tribute”

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