Dutile School 2016 Talent Show

Thank you to ALL who made Dutile’s Got Talent such an awesome event!!  It was great to see all the amazing artwork on display and a packed room to support the performers.  You make the Dutile AWESOME!  Here are the performances that will go on the the town wide show:
Grades K-2:
–Gabriel Kisekka (Grade 2) Playing piano “Mercy Mercy Mercy” by Marvin Gaye
–Sumedha Giridharan (Grade 1) Dance about rain and how we enjoy it by Adada Mazhaida
–Guytano (Grade 1) & Angelina (Grade K) Lombardo Dancing to “Watch Me” by Silento
Grades 3-5:
–Chloe Kisekka (Grade 3) Singing acapella “My Country Tis of Thee” by Yolanda Adams
–Anuva Agrawal (Grade 5) Indian classical dance Raas Shabdam in Kuchipudi style
–Jack Haroutunian (Grade 5) Singing “Lost Boy” by Ruth B.
ART SHOW WINNERS (we had 45 pieces of artwork):
Grade K Category 1
–Connor Fagan “Ocean Creatures” & Bettina Hegedus “Birds in the Snow”
Grade K Category 2
–Molly & Payton Fitzgerald “Day at the Beach”
Grade 1 Category 1
–Jazeem Elouazzani “Dutile is Awesome” & Jacob Thomas “Pete the Cat”
Grade 1 Category 2
–Gianna McGowan “Summer Vacation Fun”,  Jovon Wheaton “Chameleon” & Sumedha Giridharan “The Star Wars Planets”
Grade 2 Category 1
–Madelyn Cormier “Colorful Parrot” & Ally Spolidoro “Nap Time Kitty and Doggy”
Grade 2 Category 2
–no entries
Grade 3 Category 1
–Brody Esterbrook “Rhino Silhouette” & Roland Hegedus “Arctic Saber Tooth Tiger”
Grade 3 Category 2
–Kyla Levy “Animal World”, Brian O’Sullivan “Lego Artman” & Christina Smart “On the Farm”
Grade 4 Category 1
–Kaya Lovell “Magic” & Tyler Bornstein “American Pride”
Grade 4 Category 2
–Shane Macarther “Camp Lego Fever” & Brianna Phelan “Spring Fever”
Grade 5 Category 1
–Jillian Weeks “Tropical Dream”, Kylie McGowan “Owl” & Nic Xintaropoulos “Nova – A Marvel Superhero”
Grade 5 Category 2
–Kaci Hutchins “The Pug Life”, Lucia Caruso “The Indian” & Rachel Johnson “Painting a Pottery Snake”

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