Vining School 2016 Talent Show Results

Congratulations to the winners of the Vining talent show:


Sophie Barriault – singing  “Stitches” Gr. 2
Wyatt Horan -singing  The National Anthem K
Jay Royse- cup stacking Gr. 2
Erin Skelton & Natalie Harutyunyan – dancing to “Roar” Gr. 1

Emma Skelton – dancing to “All of the Stars” Gr. 5
Isabella Stevens – singing “Eyes Wide Open”  Gr. 3
Erin Kwedor & Lily Delisle – singing  “Drag Me Down”  Gr. 5
Alana Monaco – singing  The National Anthem Gr. 5
Judith Sloman – singing “Rude” Gr. 3

Everyone did a great job!  Thank you to everyone who helped at our show, see you at the Town Wide show!

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