Results from the 2015 Town-Wide Talent Show

We had a great day of talent at the Marshall Middle School!  We had singers and dancers, kung-fu and comedy, pianists and drummers and a baton twirler! We heard songs ranging from Saturday Night Fever to Uptown Funk, with some musicals, classical, current and classic music in between.

We had people helping from all over town; elementary, middle and high schoolers, parents from all the schools in town, and even the president of the Partners for Education.  We could not have pulled off such a great show without all of them, and without all the talented kids!   The top 6 acts in each age group are awarded a certificate and those acts, in no particular order, are:

Haidyn Schneider singing “Tomorrow”
Chloe Zalwango-Kisseka singing “The Prayer”
Adam Picariello-Heighes dancing to “Staying Alive”
Lindsey Mulkerin dancing to “Rio”
Keira MacKenzie  singing “The Star Spangled Banner”
Kyle McLaughlin singing “Waiting for Superman”
Fiona Rexford dancing an Irish Step Dance
(7 acts due to a tie score)

Miranda Hodgkins singing “Hero”
Kaia Sheehey singing “All of Me”
Anuva Agrawal dancing an Indian Bollywood dance
Wesley Pitchford dancing to “Smooth Criminal”
Alexis Efstratiou singing “Good Morning Baltimore”
Jack Haroutunian performing a magic act.

Thank you to all the participants and everyone who worked behind the scenes, to all the parents and people in the audience.  We raised some money for the Billerica Partners for Education, watched some excellent talent and had a lot of fun!  See you next year….. Taryn Gillis and Catherine Barbas, coordinators.

2 thoughts on “Results from the 2015 Town-Wide Talent Show

  1. Taryn Gillis

    Hi Renee, glad you enjoyed yourself. The winners are not grade specific, the winners are the 6 highest scores in the two age groups, K-2 and 3-5. This year there were 7 winners in the younger age group because of a tie.

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