Performers in the 2015 Town wide Talent show

List of performers by act number: (Subject to change)

  1. Lindsey and Mackenzie Graham
  2. Patrick Looney
  3. Danny DiFraia
  4. Ava Finn, Erin Skelton and Natale Harutyunyan
  5. Haidyn Schneider
  6. Azuri Carmichael
  7. Fin Bordeau
  8. Chloe Zalwango-Kisseka
  9. Adam Picariello-Heighes
  10. Sophie Barriault
  11. Lindsey Mulkerin
  12. Keira MacKenzie
  13. Shea Kelley and Marlayna Carl
  14. Gabriel Kiyimba-Kisseka
  15. Cosette Cardenas – Kindergarten
  16. Isabella Stevens
  17. Kyle McLaughlin
  18. Lauren Aliberti
  19. Fiona Rexford


  1. Alyssa MacDonald, Emma Williams & Autumn Dwyer
  2. Lily Desile
  3. Keira Walsh
  4. Josiah Burke
  5. Miranda Hodgkins
  6. Emily Murphy Anna McElhinney Mariana Feole, Katie Santamaria, Carolyn Santamaria, & Sarah Simonds
  7. Ryan Alleca and Kevin Alleca
  8. Emma Skelton and Shelby McGill
  9.  Kaia Sheehey
  10. Anuva Agrawal
  11. Makayla Barbaro and Brie Barbaro
  12. Ian Thoms
  13. Wesley Pitchford
  14. Katelyn Smith
  15. Alexis Efstratiou
  16. Jack Haroutunian 36.        Marianna Cenci 37. Jack Repucci
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