Ditson School 2015 talent show results

Last evening the Ditson School proved that WE HAVE TALENT!!  All of our performers put on a fantastic show and they all deserve a big applause.  We would like to extend a special thanks to all that made this evening a great success;  Mr. Laquidara our DJ, Mrs. Murphy our Emcee, the DSA and the many, many staff members, parents and volunteers who make this show possible.  We would also like to thank our judges who had the difficult task of deciding who would move onto the Town-wide Talent Show.

Below is the list of students who will be moving onto the Town-wide show representing the Ditson School:

 Grades Kindergarden – 2nd

Azuri Carmichael, Kindergarten; Solo Piano – March with Drums

Lauren Aliberti, Grade 2; Baton Twirling

Fiona Rexford, Grade 2; Cultural Dance – Irish Melody

Keira MacKenzie, Grade 2; Solo Voice ~ Star Spangled Banner

 Grades 3rd – 5th

Emily Murphy, Grade 4; Brendan Murphy, Grade 1, Maggie Jones,
Grade 1; Anna McElhinney, Grade 4; Mariana Feole, grade 3; Katie
Santamaria, Grade 4, Carolyn Santamaria, Grade 3 and Sarah
Simonds, Grade 4; Group Dance ~ Evolution of Dance Mix

Jack Repucci, Grade 4; Solo Drums

Ian Thoms, Grade 3; Comedy Act

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