Hajjar School 2015 Talent Show results

Congratulations to the winners of the Hajjar school talent show! I want to say thank you to all the talented kids that participated in the
Talent Show this year.
Also a big thank you to Nina, Erin and Mary for all their help, and to my wonderful judges!

These kids listed below will be going onto the town wide talent show.
Rehearsal is March 20th, the show is March 21st in the afternoon.
More information will go out regarding this.

The winners are:
Grades K-2
Patrick Looney (K) singing Lively Letters Song
Shea Kelley(1) and Marlayna Carl(1) dancing to Shake it off by Taylor Swift
Fin Bordeau (1) singing Hero from Starstruck

Grades 3-5
Makayla Barbaro(3) and Brie Barbaro(4) dancing to Dear Future Husband by Megan Trainor
Miranda Hodgkins(4) singing Hero by Mariah Carey
Marianna Cenci(5) dancing to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars

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