Vining School 2015 talent show results

Congratulations to the winners of the Vining school talent show!  They will represent the Vining at the Town Wide talent show on March 21st at the Marshall Middle School.

Winners in Grades K-2
Ava Finn,Erin Skelton and Natale Harutyunyan (kindergarten), Group Song “Let It Go”
Isabella Stevens (2nd), Solo Song “Still Haven’t Found What I’m looking For”
Sophie Barriault (1st), Solo Song “Diamonds”

Winners in Grades 3-5
Emma Skelton and Shelby McGill (4th), Group Dance “Let It Go”
Katelyn Smith (5th), Solo Song “What Makes You Beautiful”
Lily Desile (4th), Solo Song “Shake It Off”

I would like to Thank Mrs Hatem and Mrs Brewster for their help from the office.  I would also like Thank my stagehands Kim, Alex, Hannah, and Gil. A big thanks to our MC Jillian Bishop.  I would also like to thank our judges for taking the time to come and help us out this evening.  I would also like to Thank Catherine Barbas and Taryn Gillis for their help and advice!

One thought on “Vining School 2015 talent show results

  1. Laureen Goguen

    My grand daughter was an “official’ winner in the recent talent show. However, I thought all the students at the Vining School Talent show were winners! To be so young and have the confidence to stand on a stage and perform is amazing! There are adults who can’t do that. These students will go far in life. Good Luck!

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