2014 Elementary Talent Show Finals

The 2014 Elementary School Talent Show Finals will be held Saturday, March 29, at 2 pm in the Auditorium at the Marshall Middle School, 15 Floyd Street, Billerica, MA.

Tickets: $8.00 Adults ~ Students/Seniors $5.00
Can be purchased at the door or prior to the show at the Marshall Middle School, Friday, March 28th, 4-8pm.

The talented performers, in order, will be:

  1. Taylor Fitzpatrick, Dutile, Grade 2, and Abby Boudros, Parker, Grade 4, Lyrical Dance Choreographed by Taylor and Abby to “Corner” by Allie Moss
  2. Makayla Sweeney, Hajjar, Grade 2, Dancing to “I can hear the Bells” from the musical “Hairspray”
  3. Danny DiFraia, Parker, Kindergarten, performing a Comedy Act
  4. Sophie Barriault, Vining, Kindergarten, Singing “My Little Pony”
  5. Margaret Cabot, Kennedy, Grade 1, Performing on the Piano, playing Polovetzian Dance #17, From Alexander Borodoin’s Opera “Prince Igor” and “The Entertainer” by Scott Joplin
  6. Druthi Muppala, Ditson, Kindergarten, Cultural Dance in Pushpanjali, an Indian Classical Dance
  7. Alexis Govertsen, Hajjar, Grade 2 and Tula Kearns, Grade 2, Hajjar, Dancing to “Let it Go” from the movie “Frozen”
  8. Josiah Burke, Dutile, Grade 2,  Break Dancing to “The Best Song Ever” by One Direction
  9. Tatum Powers, Parker, Grade 2,  Singing “In Summer” From the Movie “Frozen”
  10. Sydney Stevens, Vining, Grade 3, Performing on Guitar, Playing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”
  11. Ava Brooks, Kennedy, Grade 2, Singing “My Favorite Things” from the movie “Sound of Music”
  12. Saish Yennampelli, Ditson, Grade 1, Bollywood Cultural Dance to Kiraku by Pavan Kalyan
  13. Makayla Barbaro, Hajjar, Grade 2, and Brie Barbaro, Hajjar, Grade 3, Dancing with Gymnastics to
  14. “Rock Me” by One Direction
  15. Chloe Zalwango Kisekka, Dutile, Grade 1, Singing “The Prayer” By Yolanda Adams
  16. Adam Picariello-Heighes, Parker, Kindergarten, Dancing to “The love You Save” By The Jackson 5
  17. Isabella Stevens, Vining, Grade 1, Singing “Part of Your World” from the movie “Little Mermaid”
  18. Angie Malnati, Kennedy, Grade 2, and Chiara Cerullo, Kennedy, Grade 2, Dancing to “Beat It” by Michael Jackson
  19. Fiona Rexford, Ditson, Grade 1, Irish Cultural Step Dancing to “Dance Above the Rainbow”




  1. Ava Mazzotta, Ditson, Grade 5, and Téa Desmond, Ditson, Grade 5, Dancing to a Melody Mix from the movie “Grease”
  2. Wesley Pitchford, Kennedy, Grade 3, Dancing to “Timber” by Pitbull
  3. Kayla Delisle, Vining, Grade 5, Singing “Let It Go” from the movie “Frozen”
  4. Alexis Efstratiou, Parker, Grade 4, Singing “Popular” from the musical “Wicked”
  5. Anuva Agrawal, Dutile, Grade 3, Indian Cultural Dancing in the classical in Kuchipudi Style to “Athana Jathiswaram”
  6. Miranda Hodgkins, Hajjar, Grade 3, Singing “No One” by Alicia Keyes
  7. Jody Repucci, Ditson, Grade 5, Dancing to “15 Minutes of Fame”
  8. Meghan Aprile, Kennedy, Grade 3, and Sofia Manne, Kennedy, Grade 3, Singing
  9. “The Cup Song” by Anna Kendrick
  10. Lily Delisle, Vining, Grade 3, Singing “In Summer” from the movie “Frozen”
  11. Mia Cafaro, Parker, Grade 5, Dancing to “Born to Entertain”
  12. Jasper Coughlin, Dutile, Grade 5, Performing on Violin playing “Gavotte in G Minor”,Suzuki Book 3
  13. Jenna Marcano, Hajjar, Grade 5, Singing “Definition of Me” by Mandisa
  14. Nethra Vasudevan, Ditson, Grade 5, Indian Cultural Dancing to “Thodiya Mangalam”
  15. Jacqueline Ayers, Kennedy, Grade 5, Dancing to “Rockn’ Robin” by Michael Jackson
  16. Ciara Jaocine, Vining, Grade 2,  Erin Kwedor, Vining, Grade 3,  Emma Frasca, Vining, Grade 3, and Julia Isnor, Vining Grade 3,  Dancing to “Timber” by Pitbull
  17. Christian So, Parker, Grade 5, Performing a Martial Arts Demonstration to “Exodus”
  18. Isabel Haroutunian, Dutile, Grade 5,  Lyrical Dancing to “What I Cannot Change” by LeAnn Rimes
  19. Molly McGonagle, Hajjar, Grade 5  , Irish Step Cultural Dance
  20. Katelyn Smith, Vining, Grade 4, Dancing to “Summer Love Song”

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