2013 Elementary Talent Show Winners

Congratulations to all of the participants and finalists in this year’s 15th Annual Elementary Talent Show competition!

The winners are:

Kindergarten – Grade 2

Solo Voice: Katherine McMullen, Grade 2, Ditson, Solo Voice, Singing “Reflection” from the movie Mulan

Group Voice: Anthony Bastianelli, Dominic Bastianelli, Ava Gottmann-Hanrahan, Molly Haggerty, Colleen O’Connell, Jack O’Connell, Sarah O’Connell, Frankie Varallo, Calie Zimmerman, Abigail White, Madeline White, Amanda MacLeod, Sara MacLeod , Ben Kane, Dutile, Singing “So Long farewell” from the sound of music. (A group tribute thanking teachers, staff, and friends of the Dutile Community, as these students prepare for their redistricting to the Parker Elementary School.)

Other: Bari Atiq, Grade 1, Hajjar, Poetry Reading “Let Peace Prevail” (tie)

Other: Lily Elmstrom, Grade 2, Dutile, Other, Baton Twirler to “Diamond” (tie)

Solo Cultural Dance: Rory Walsh, Grade 2, Ditson, choreographed by Rory, Dancing to “King of the Fairies” (tie)

Solo Cultural Dance: Anuva Agrawal, Grade 2, Dutile, Indian Classical Dance in Bharatnatyam style (tie)

Group Cultural Dance: Tanvi Muppala, Grade 2 & Deekshitha Kasagani, Grade 2, Ditson, Dancing to Pushpanjali

Solo Gymnastics: Eloise Barriault, Grade 1, Vining, Gymnastics to “Monster High Fright Song

Solo Instrument: Jack Repucci, Grade 2, Ditson, Playing the Drums

Group Multi-Talent: Sofia Manne & Mya Pratt, Grade 2, Kennedy, Singing and Dancing to “Call Me Maybe”

Solo Dance: Hailey Wiitala, Grade 2, Hajjar, Dancing to “Illusion” by Ross Lynch

Group Dance: Rebecca Murphy, Grade 4, Emily Murphy, Grade 2, Anna McElhinney, Grade 2, Katie Santamaria, Grade 2, Carolyn Santamaria, Grade 1, Emily Santamaria, Grade 4, Sarah Simonds, Grade 2, Nicole Donati, Grade 2; Kathryn Holland, Grade 2, and Kristina Holland, Grade 4, Ditson, Dancing to “Surfin’ USA” by the Beach Boys

Kindergarten Overall: Adam Picariello-Heighes, Parker, Dancing to Michael Jackson Medley of Songs

Grade 1 Overall: Josiah Burke, Dutile, Solo Dance, Break dancing to “All Around the World”

Grade 2 Overall: Nicole Delidi, Grade 2, Hajjar, Solo Dance, Dancing to “Daisy Chains” by Ms.Triniti


Grade 3 – Grade 5

Solo Gymnastics: Isabella Munroe, Grade 5, Vining, Performing to “Girl on Fire”

Other Talent: Andre Maggio, Grade 3 & Wesley Maggio, Grade 4, Hajjar, Original Magic Tricks to “The Diva Dance”

Group Instrument: Pimprenelle Behaeghel & Ariana Swoyer, Grade 5, Vining, Group Instrument, playing the violas

Solo Instrument: Megan Moore, Grade 5, Vining, Playing the Flute to “Bunker Hill Overture” (tie)

Solo Instrument: Dhruv Nadkarni, Grade 3, Ditson, Playing the Tabla “Indian Drums” (tie)

Multi-Talented: Samantha Gallagher, Grade 5, Dutile, Singing, Playing Piano (tie)

Multi-Talented: Advika Krishnan, Grade 4, Hajjar, Singing and Playing Piano to “Yellow Umbrella” (tie)

Solo Dance: Jody Repucci, Grade 4, Ditson, Solo Dance, Dancing to “Lights, Camera, Action”

Group Dance: Alyssa Cincotti, Olivia Green & Shayna Green, Grade 5, Kennedy, Dancing to “I Knew You Were Trouble”

Solo Voice: Elsa Vig, Grade 3, Hajjar, Singing “Rolling in the Deep”

Solo Cultural Dance: Ashleigh Lawless, Grade 5, Ditson, Irish Step Dance to “A Girl from Dysart”

Group Cultural Dance: Anvita Kalpande, Grade 1 & Arushi Kalpande, Grade 5, Parker, Cultural Dance, Bo-Shambo, Bharatnatyam Style

Solo Martial Arts: Christian So,Grade 4, Parker, Extreme Martial Arts – Nur Getraumt

Solo Piano: James McInnis, Grade 5, Hajjar, Playing ”Pirates of the Caribbean-At Worlds End”

Grade 3 Overall: Rhea Fields, Dutile, Solo Dance, Dancing to “Inside Of Me”

Grade 4 Overall: Ava Mazzotta & Téa Desmond, Ditson, Group Dance ~ Like a Puppet on a String by The Hives

Grade 5 Overall: Aidan Hines, Dutile, Solo Instrument, Playing Drums to the Beatles song “Come Together”

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