Dutile Elementary School Art Show Results

Dutile Art show winners



Category 1

Pretty Flowers, by Molly Fitzgerald

The Turtle, by Roland Hegedus

Let’s Go See the Monkeys, by Colleen O’Connell


Category 2

Diorama, by Brody Esterbrook


Grade 1

Category 1 

Blue Owl, by Tyler Jeffers 

Painting, by Benjamin Spidle 


Category 2

Medieval Castle, by Dillon West

Flower Power, by Caitlin Fitzgerald


Grade 2

Category 1

Zenfully Tangled, by Anuva Agrawal

Sunset, by Jack O’Connell


Category 2

Monster and Dog, by Sophia Hennessey

Just Chillin’, by Kylie McGowan and Frankie Varallo


Grade 3

Category 1

The Colorful Sea Turtle, by Nadine Abuhamdeh

Potatoe Man, by Thomas Green


Category 2

Balloon, by Alicia Kearney

Dutile, by Rhea Fields


Grade 4

Category 1

Creatures of Avatar World, by Aidan Fitzgerald

Graceful Fish, by Juliana Smart


Category 2

Unique Boutique, by Isabel Haroutunian

Super Mario Galaxy, by Gautham Giridharan


Grade 5

Category 1

Spring Blooms, by Avani Agrawal

The Golden Girl, by Chelsey Barlow

Rainbow Explosion, by Olivia Rogers


Committee Choice Selection:

Dreams Paint  by Hannah SanClemente, Grade 4

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