Ditson Elementary School Art Show Results

The Ditson School Art Show was on March 14th and was a wonderful night for all the students, family and friends involved. There are some very talented students at the Ditson school with a wealth of artistic ability. There were 70 artists who participated and were all presented with certificates.

The following artists will represent the Ditson at the townwide art show at the Locke Middle School on March 23, 2013.

Kindergarten – Picture Art
Isabella Mitchell ~ 33
“My Brown Horse”

Nikita Neogi ~ 34
“Day in the Aquarium”

Kindergarten 3-D Art
Laura Schramek ~ 29
“Snowy Owl”

Lauren Aliberti ~ 30
“Hello Kitty Loves her House”

Grade 1 – Picture Art (no 3-D winners in 1st grade)
Taryn Avery Doherty ~ 2
“Butterfly Colors”

Saawani Joshi ~ 66

Grade 2 – Picture Art

Tanvi Muppala ~ 6
“Taj Mahal Glowing at Sunset”

Jason Martin ~ 13
“Quarterback Colin Kaepernick”

Grade 2 – 3-D Art
Lindsay McCarthy ~ 48
“Fancy Nancy”

Connor Charles McDevitt ~ 51
“Alligator Cove”

Grade 3 Picture Art

Isabella Bishop ~ 10

Meghna Yeldani ~ 14
“Rajasthani Women Fetching Water”

Grade 3 – 3-D Art

Emily Dagenais ~ 39
“Fish Out of Water”

Christian Tylor Robson ~ 49
“Owl on a Bird House”

Grade 4 – Picture Art

Marina Stagliola ~ 18 (Honorable Mention)
“Pugs and Kisses Party”

Maya DiMino ~ 19
“Marilyn Monroe”

Cecilia Taucher ~ 20
“The Farmer’s Market

Grade 4 – 3-D Art
Maggie Beaton~ 15
“The Sea Angel”

Julie Komarinski ~ 16
“Pixie Hollow”

Grade 5 – Picture Art
Shannen Damon ~ 23
“One Direction Zayn Malik”

Ava Lankowski ~ 45
“Springtime Begins”

Grade 5 – 3-D Art
Harrison Williams ~ 59
“Sid the Red Dragon”

Joseph Hilliker ~ 64
“Water Life”

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