Vining Elementary School Talent Show Results

The Vining School Talent Show was fantastic!  We were entertained by gymnasts, musicians, actresses, singers, and dancers!  The children did an amazing job and most importantly they seemed to have had a lot of fun!  A great big congratulations to all who went on stage!

The following acts will be moving onto to the Town Wide Show  to represent the Vining School on Saturday March 23 at the Locke Middle School.  Good Luck and Have fun!

Listed in no particular order –

Grades K-2

  • Desi Pagliccia and Ava Douglass(K) – group singing/dancing – “When Will My Life Begin”
  • Judith Sloman(K) – solo dance – “Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows”
  • Jacqueline Behaeghel(1) – solo gymnastics
  • Emma McDermott  and Sylvie Reveley(1) – group song and dance –“FairyTale”
  • Eloise Barriault(1) – solo dance/gymnastics – Monster High Fright Song

Grades 3-5

  • Isabella Munroe(5) – solo gymnastics -“Girl on Fire”
  • Pimprenelle Behaeghel and Ariana Swoyer(5) – group viola
  • Karen Tohline(4) – solo keyboard and singing – “Summer Moonlight”
  • Kristina Kerivan(5) – solo singing – “You Belong to Me”
  • Megan Moore(5) – solo flute – “ Bunker Hill Overture”
  • Nyah Fitzharris(5) – solo singing – “Love You Like a Love Song”
  • Alysha Diamont and Karina Mejia(5) – group dance – “Don’t Stop the Pop”

2 thoughts on “Vining Elementary School Talent Show Results

  1. Peggy Houghton

    Vining School: What happened to Avery Houghton and Maddie’s lost dog skit? Avery was given a sheet of paper saying she had been selected for the talent show but she and Maddie’s names are not on the list…


    Peggy Houghton

    1. Michael Moore

      All of the students received the paper you refer to, in case they were selected to move on… if the child’s name isn’t on the list of finalists, they were not selected this year.

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