Parker Elementary School Talent Show Results

The performers who will be representing the Parker School at the 15th Annual Town Wide Talent Show on March 23th at the Locke Middle School (in no particular order) are:

Grades K-2

Adam Picariello-Heighes – Kindergarten – Solo Dance

Jakob Fallon – Grade 2 – Solo Instrument

Rushika Susarla – Grade 1 – Solo Dance

Keira Walsh – Grade 2 – Solo Voice

London Pavao – Grade 1 – Solo Voice

Kaylee Capone – Grade 1 – Solo Dance

Grades 3-5

Christian So – Grade 4 – Extreme Martial Arts

Anvita Kalpande – Grade 1 and Arushi Kalpande – Grade 5 – Group Dance

Sachi Joshi – Grade 4 – Solo Dance

Cailey McDevitt – Grade 3 – Queen of Comedy

Olivia Russo – Grade 3 – Solo Voice

Lilla Torontali – Grade 5 – Solo Voice


About Michael Moore

husband, father, marketer, and town government participant in Billerica, Massachusetts
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