Parker Elementary School Art Show Results

The artists whose pieces will be representing the Parker School at the 15th Annual Town Wide Art Show on March 23th at the Locke Middle School are:


“Music Burst” By Adam Picariello -Heighes  -2D

“The Riddler’s Funhouse” By  Talan Pavao – Kindergarten – 2D

First Grade

“Pumpkin Field” By Jessie Geng –  2D

“The Cobra” By  Scott Canney – 2D

“Lily the Frog” By Alexandra Whitten  – 3D

“The Ocean of the Mysterious Island” By Nico Schmalz  – 3D

Second Grade

“Beautiful Snowman” By Emma Mercure – 2D

“Colorful Turtle” By Jessica Patti – 2D

“Fun in the Snow” By  Rayne De Giorgio – 3D

“The Fruit Bowl” By Olivia Battcock – 3D

Third Grade

“Taj Mahal” By Anjali Tiwari – 2D

“The Brazilian Coral Snake” By Kelsei Call – 2D

“The Big Showcase” By Amanda Avery – 3D

“A Missed Christmas: Angels of SandyHook” By Cailey McDevitt – 3D

Fourth Grade

“Owl” By Angelina Fung – 2D

“Warrior” By Jake Jensen – 2D

“Origami SWAN The art of paper folding ”  By Christian So  – 3D

“Recycled Nature” By Sachi Joshi – 3D

Fifth Grade

“My Sister and I” By Arushi Kalpande  – 2D

“Recycled Lizard” By Isabel Zammuto  – 2D

“Animal Bags: Dog and Bunny” By Lilla Torontali – 3D

“Unlikely Friends Share a Meal” By Lauren Sargent – 3D

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