Hajjar Elementary School Art Show Results

Here are the results of the Hajjar Art Show last night:

Category 1

Rocket In My Solar System by Daniel Darris-O’Connor
Flower Garden by Ava Hawrylciw

Category 2

Massive Cool Space Awesome by Gryffin Bordeau
Butterfly In The Grass by Lauren Ouellete

1st Grade:

Category 1

Lost in the Forest by Stella Pritchard
The Monster House by Caleb Caceres

Category 2

Charlie Brown Skating Around by Lauren MacEachern
The Sinking Titanic by Luke Shaw

2nd Grade:

Category 1

The Great Outdoors by Cara Cloghessy
The Curvey Road by Olivia Krajewska

Category 2

On the Safari Tour by Jillian Darris-O’Connor
Movie Night – Snow White by Olivia Santolucito

3rd Grade:

Category 1

Bubble-fish-ous! by Chatherine Jalbert
Hummingbird by Isabel Cruz

Category 2

Going Fishing by Riley Foye
Tiny Food by Izzy Wiroll

4th Grade:

Category 1

An Apple a Day Keeps the Evil Queen Away by Monita Seng
Crayon Splatter by Jessica Saunders

Category 2

Angry Clay Birds by Robert Lawson
The Metal Wand by Gavin Bourdeau

5th Grade:

Category 1

The Perfect Centerpiece by Lillian Bickford
Gravity Falls Twist by Jessica Dailey

Category 2

My Dream Plate by Allison MacEachern
Our Crazy House by Emily Lyons & Ava Cloghessy

Honorable Mention/Judges Choice: Bleeding Hearts by Leah Hall

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