Dutile Elementary School Talent Show Results

Thank you to everyone that joined us for a great night of talent at the Dutile School. We had a night filled with many wonderful performers and Artists. Thank you to all that helped make our show a success.

Grades K-2

*Anuva Agrawal ~ Indian Classical Dance in Bharatnatyam style

*Dominic Bastianelli , Anthony Bastianelli, Sarah O’Connell, Jack O’Connelll, Frankie Varallo, Ava Gottmann-Hanrahan, Molly Haggerty, Calie Zimmerman, Colleen O’Connelll, Abigail & Madeline White, McLeod Girls ~ Singing “So Long farewell” from the sound of music. (A group tribute thanking teachers, staff, and friends of the Dutile Community, as these students prepare for their redistricting to the Parker Elementary School.)

*Lily Elmstrom~ Baton Twirler to “Diamond”

*Josiah Burke~ Break dancing to “All Around the World”

*Taylor Fitzpatrick & Abby Boudros ~ Dancing a combination of Jazz & Ballet to “Home”

*Mackenzie Graham, Lindsey Graham, & Eve Stone ~ Singing and Dancing duet to “I Love Rock and Roll”


Grades 3-5

*Avani Agrawal ~ Indian Classical Dance in Bharatnatyam Style.

*Aidan Hines ~ Playing Drums to the Beatles song “Come Together”.

*Jasper Coughlin ~ Playing an original arrangement of Theme From Witches Dance on the violin

*Samantha Gallagher ~ Singing, Playing Piano, and showing a slide show.

*Moriah Scharn ~ Singing “Born this way”

*Rhea Fields ~ dancing to “Inside Of Me”

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