Ditson Elementary School Talent Show Results

Congratulations to all of our performers for putting on an amazing show last night. There is no denying that the Ditson School has Talent! Thanks for turning an ordinary Monday night into one filled with music, songs and dance that made the audience smile and cheer in support of their talented classmates.

Below is the list of acts/performers that have been selected by the judges to move forward to represent the Ditson at the Town wide show on March 23rd at the Locke Middle School.

Congratulations and Good Luck to all of you!

Performers from Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

  • Rory Walsh, Grade 2 Cultural Dance, choreographed by Rory Walsh ~ King of the Fairies by the Irish Rovers
  • Katherine McMullen, Grade 2 Solo Voice ~ Reflection from the movie Mulan
  • Tanvi Muppala, Grade 2 & Deekshitha Kasagani, Grade 2 Cultural Dance ~ Pushpanjali
  • Jack Repucci, Grade 2 Solo Drum
  • Rebecca Murphy, Grade 4, Emily Murphy, Grade 2; Anna McElhinney, Grade 2; Katie Santamaria, Grade 2, Carolyn Santamaria, Grade 1; Emily Santamaria, Grade 4; Sarah Simonds, Grade 2; Nicole Donati, Grade 2; Kathryn Holland, Grade 2; and Kristina Holland, Grade 4 Group Dance ~ Surfin’ USA by the Beach Boys
  • Kaitlyn Jaffe, Grade 4 & Melea Jaffe, Grade 1 Group Dance ~ Hot & Cold Kidz Bop

Performers from 3rd to 5th Grade

  • Aditya Venkat, Grade 3 Solo Piano ~ Little Red Shoes and Waltz
  • Meghna Yeladandi, Grade 3 Cultural Dance ~ Kuchipudi Jathiswaram Attana
  • Jody Repucci, Grade 4 Solo Dance ~ Lights, Camera, Action
  • Dhruv Nadkarni, Grade 3 Solo Instrument Tabla – Indian Drums
  • Ashleigh Lawless, Grade 5 Cultural Dance – Irish Step Dance ~ A Girl from Dysart by Ronan McCormack
  • Ava Mazzotta, Grade 4 & Téa Desmond, Grade 4 Group Dance ~ Like a Puppet on a String by The Hives


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