Vining Elementary School Art Show Winners

Congratulations to all of the artists who competed in the annual art show.

The following artists are moving on to compete in the town wide competition:


Cat. 1 – Madison Geisser – Birds and Isabella Stevens – My Family

Cat. 2 – Michael Clery – Shiny

!st grade

Cat.1- Charles Bradley – Bash and Eloise Barriault – Ducky

Cat. 2 – Tyler Norman – Little Bear

2nd Grade

Cat. 1 – Karan Rana – A Swan in the Lake and John Paul Allen – Mr. Rusk

Cat. 2 – Nikolas Merkel – Mario the Painter

3rd Grade

Cat. 1 – Maryanne McGovern – Emotional Little Beagle and Steven Lucozzi – Take to Flight

Cat.2 – Madelyn Allen – Vase of Color and Natalie Williams – Surfing the Channel

Honorable Mention – Chloe Prior – Peace on Earth

4th Grade

Cat. 1 – Shannon Moore – Two Sides

Cat. 2 – Karen Tohline-Impressionistic View of Earthquake and Aiden Kelsey – Yoda watches the X Wing Sink into the Swamp

5th Grade

Cat. 1 – Pimprenelle Behaeghel – Au Clair De La Lune and Karina Mejia – Eye Love You

Cat. 2 – Megan Moore – The Paper Mache Zoo and Ariana Swoyer – Dragon Dreams

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