Kennedy Elementary School Art Show Winners

Congratulations to all of the artists that participated in this year’s competition. The following artists will be moving on to the town-wide Art Show at the Locke Middle School on March 23, 2013 at 10AM:

Category 1 – Flat Art:

Grade K:
Ella Brooks  “Untitled”
Ethan Brooks “Untitled”

Grade 1:

Herin Lee  ” Lovely Roses”
Elena Staples “Butterfly Peace”

Grade 2:
Connell Keough   “Medical Helicopter”
Aidan Le    ” The Lorax Trees”

Grade 3:

Logan Frost    ” Colorful Flowers”
Tessa Pucillo    “Snowman Fun”

Grade 4:
Nicole Barry    ” Narwhal Unleashed!!!!!”
Emma Lebeau    “Sweet Cakes”

Grade 5
Eli Michaud    “Swirl”
Abagayle Pitchford    “Sunset Path”

Honorable Mention:

Rocca Digiambattista  “Spiro”

Category 2 – 3D Art:

Grade 1:
Jake Amoroso   ” Babycakes”
Alyssa Fiorino  ” Duct Tape Fashion”

Grade 2:
Craig Fiorino  “Mario 3D Land”
Jake Buonopane  ” Origami Jungle”

Grade 3:
Rick Aguiar  ” Shark Attack”
Kayla Lavoie  ” Untitled”

Grade 4:
Sean Worrall  ” The Alligator That Ate My Homework”
Susanna Gillis  ” Clifford and Clifford Jr. Win Again!”

Grade 5:
Michael Bragg  ” Extreme Carting”
Paige Salvi  ” Balloon Going High In The Sky”

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