Hajjar School Talent Show Results – 2013

The Hajjar School Talent Show proved to be a fabulous showcase of the performing talents of our students!  The performers put on a wonderful show for all in attendance and should be proud of themselves.  The parents should give themselves a pat on the back for supporting their children from the time of registration to performance night.  Special thanks to Julie and Ralph Kinscheck who helped us with our new sound system, to the Hajjar Parent’s Association volunteers for helping at the refreshment tables, and those volunteers who helped with registration, tallying votes, giving out certificates and crowd control.  Our judges did a fantastic job as well and did not have an easy time deciding who would represent the Hajjar School at the Town Wide Talent Show.

Here are the students whose performances will be moving on to the Town Wide Talent Show representing the Hajjar School (listed in alphabetical order):

Grades K – 2:

  1. Bari Atiq (poetry reading)
  2. Deirdre Bailat, Justin Bailat, Shannon Bailat & Heather Xavier (group dance)
  3. Nyah Bordeau & Annika Stearly (group voice)
  4. Kimberly Chavarria (solo voice)
  5. Nicole Delidi (solo dance)
  6. Hailey Wiitala (solo dance)

Grades 3 – 5:

  1. Hannah Kinscheck (solo voice)
  2. Advika Krishnan (solo voice/piano)
  3. Andre & Wesley Maggio (magic act)
  4. Jenna Marcano (solo voice)
  5. James McInnis (solo piano)
  6. Elsa Vig (solo voice)

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the event!

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