Teacher and Staff Appreciation Honorees 2012


Congratulations to the teachers, paraprofessionals, principals, secretaries, custodians, bus drivers, and other staff members who were recognized during yesterday’s Honor Thy Teacher ceremony during the Billerica Partners for Education Annual Meeting!

The following awards were announced by Assistant Superintendent Dede Galdston and soon-to-be Superintendent Tim Piwowar:

First Name Last Name Teacher School
Robert Adamson Marshall School
Lisa Anderson Dutile School
C.J. Anderson Dutile School
Lisa Andrade Dutile School
Amy Archibald Parker School
Sara Bairos BMHS
Tara Banks Ditson School
Debra Barrett Kennedy School
Caitlin Barry Dutile School
Lisa Bejian Ditson School
Robert Belanger Parker School
Megan Bergeron BMHS
Tammi Bicknell Parker School
Joseph Boczenowski Parker School
Elisabeth Bojarski BMHS
Fran Boucher Dutile School
Kathryn Bourgeois Vining School
Patricia Bouthilette Ditson School
Tricia Boyd Hajjar School
Nancy Brewster Vining School
Robyn Brothers Hajjar School
Joanne Brown Dutile School
Elizabeth Bukala Parker  School
Cathy Burns Ditson School
Carolyn Busalacchi Kennedy School
Caroline Busnach Parker  School
Catie Button BMHS
Linda Camara Dutile School
Gail Capaldo Hajjar School
Carolyn Cardella BMHS
Matthew Carey BMHS
Suzanne Carey Ditson School
Brienne Casey Ditson School
Meaghan Casey Ditson School
Robyn Chapman Locke School
Kathleen Cochran Dutile School
Larry Cohen BMHS
Elizabeth Colandreo Ditson School
Eileen Cole Hajjar School
Karen Collins Ditson School
Susan Conroy Hajjar School
Eileen Conte Dutile School
Barbara Cooke Hajjar School
Stephen Correia
Andrea Couvee Ditson School
Karen Crowley Parker School
Holly Cunningham Parker School
Jennifer DaSilva BMHS
Kristine Delorio Marshall School
Lauri DiFraia Parker School
Shannon Domingues Hajjar School
Julianne Dougrey Kennedy School
William Downing Ditson School
Paulette Doyle Parker School
Dick Drake Locke School
Constance DuBois Parker School
Mary Ann Durand BMHS
Cathy Durante Parker School
Pat Faria Kennedy School
Kathy Ferreira Hajjar School
Susan Ferry Ditson School
Anthony Fiore
Lilla Forbes Hajjar School
Julie Fraser Parker School
Kim Marie Fudge Kennedy School
Laura Gage Hajjar School
Jeff Gage BMHS
Vicki Gambale Hajjar School
Sheri Gentile Parker  School
Christine Gibelli Kennedy School
Barbara Gleason Hajjar School
Steve Gleason BMHS
April Goss-Baker Hajjar School
Juliemarie Greenstien Ditson School
Cullen Hagan BMHS
Theresa Hamelin BMHS
Janet Hamilton Kennedy School
Julia Harmon Vining School
Jack Healey Marshall School
Karen Hicks Locke School
Patricia Higgins Locke School
Elizabeth Higgins Parker School
Esther Hines BMHS
Susan Huckins Hajjar School
Gretchen Hughes Kennedy School
Maria Jean Dutile School
Rene Jensen BMHS
Robbin Kalmes Ditson School
Christine Kelley Vining School
Lou Ann Kennedy Hajjar School
Stefanie Kinsley Kennedy School
Sarah Kozlowski Ditson School
Kathy Kurker Locke School
Kelly LaChance Project Support
Larissa LaFauci Parker School
Shawn Landry BMHS
Heidi Lane Hajjar School
Catherine LaRosa Dutile School
Andrew LaValle Locke School
Nicole Leipow Ditson School
Christine Leskouski Parker School
Linda Lewis Hajjar School
Emily Lipsett BMHS
Margee Loyer Ditson School
Bonnie MacNeil Hajjar School
Debra Madera Dutile School
Kerry Madsen Hajjar School
Lisa Maher Parker  School
Amanda Martinello BMHS
Laura Martinez Kennedy School
Amy McBournie Ditson School
Donna McDonnell Kennedy School
Sarah McGinnis Vining School
Ryan McLaughlin Parker School
Lori McLauglin Parker School
Kimberly Merrill Dutile School
Nicole Michaud Dutile School
Carol Michaud Project Support
Jane Milanes Ditson School
Patricia Misage Vining School
Michelle Mongomery Dutile School
Linda Moody Hajjar School
Jennifer Morabito Kennedy School
Sharon Moreau Hajjar School
Charlene Mullen Ditson School
Valerie Murphy Ditson School
Jennfier Naylor Vining School
Kerri O’Donnell BMHS
Nicole Orlando Ditson School
Andrea Pagington Locke School
Catherine Parker Parker School
Karen Pearson Vining School
Diane Percuoco Parker School
Bethany Peters Vining School
Leslie Petersen Hajjar School
Kerry Philbrook Vining School
Jan Polcari Dutile School
Dawn Press Marshall School
Sarina Rancatore Parker School
Mary Ellen Reid Ditson School
Kristin Riley Hajjar School
Denise Riveira Parker School
Eileen Roake Vining School
Cheryl Robson Parker School
Britta Roper BMHS
Linda Rosa Parker School
Laura Salerno Dutile School
Patty Sanchez (bus driver) Hajjar School
Denise Santos Locke School
Donna Saurez Dutile School
Susan Seitz Ditson School
Ilona Sewell Vining School
Kathryn Sim Locke School
Patricia Snyder Parker School
Jennifer Soucy BMHS
Linda Sparks Kennedy School
Gail Sprangers Hajjar School
Michelle St. Onge Dutile School
Deborah Stagliano Parker School
Jeanne Stanley Kennedy School
Ryan Sterling Hajjar School
Jennifer Stimpson Vining School
William Sullivan Kennedy School
Gail Sullivan Parker School
Celine Swinford Ditson School
Julianne Taylor Hajjar School
Dutile Teachers Dutile School
Elizabeth Thompson Dutile School
Doris Thompson Vining School
Bethany Tobia Parker School
Cynthia Tomlin Ditson School
Jaclyn Tonini Parker School
Laura Torigian Hajjar School
Jaclyn Turner Marshall School
Holly Tursky Dutile School
Paul Vigeant BMHS
Megan Wallace Kennedy School
Amanda Waterman Vining School
Sarah Wellock Kennedy School
Elaine Winchell Locke School
Kristen Yohn BMHS
Parker Elementary School Staff
Ditson Elementary School Staff
Dutile Elementary School Staff
The Dutile School Teachers
Hajjar Elementary School Staff
Kennedy Elementary School Staff
Vining Elementary School Staff
Marshall Middle School Staff
Locke Middle School Staff
Billerica Memorial High School Staff
Project Support Staff
BEAM Staff
Parker Elementary School Staff
The Locke School, Team 8A Staff
The Locke School, Team 7A Staff
The Locke School, Team 6C Staff

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