2012 Elementary School Talent Show Winners

Congratulations to all of our finalists and winners! The judges were very impressed with all of the performances.

Here are the winners:

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

  • Solo Voice- Katherine McMullen, Ditson
  • Group Voice –  Meghan Aprile & Megan Lorenza, Kennedy
  • Solo Dance – Marco Cugno, Parker
  • Group Dance – Amanda MacLeod & Claudia Hadley, Dutile
  • Solo Cultural Dance – Meghana Yeladandi, Ditson
  • Solo Piano – Sydney Warner, Kennedy
  • Solo Instrument – Jeremy Fabre, Dutile
  • Multi-Talent Group – Kelli Alleca & Caitlyn Aprile, Kennedy
  • Comedy – Cailey McDevitt, Vining
  • Other Talent – Andre & Wesley Maggio, Hajjar
  • Kindergarten High Score – Mikayla Cafaro, Parker
  • First Grade High Score – Wesley Pitchford, Kennedy
  • Second Grade High Score – Alexis Efstratiou, Parker
  • Mixed Grade High Score – Sofia Mazzotta & Ava Di Mauro, Kennedy

3rd Grade – 5th Grade

  • Solo Voice – Alexandra Pace, Vining
  • Group Voice – Samantha Gallagher & Nicole Burns, Dutile
  • Solo Dance – Rylee Pratt, Dutile
  • Group Dance – Billy Marchant, Josh Hagen, & Dylan Cormier, Dutile
  • Solo Cultural Dance – SriDhanuseshwar Devanand, Ditson
  • Group Cultural – Arushi Kalpande, Parker & Avani Agrawal, Dutile
  • Solo Multi-Talent- Advika Krishanan, Hajjar
  • Group Multi-Talent – Stella Cronin, Shannon Fitzgerald, & Danielle Flaherty, Dutile
  • Group Instrument – Pimprenelle Behaeghel & Ariana Swoyer, Vining
  • Solo Piano- Jagan Krishnasamy, Ditson
  • Other Talent – Roshan Ravi, Ditson
  • Solo Martial Art – Christian So, Parker
  • Third Grade High Score – SriDhikshitha Devanand & Divya Sambathkumar, Ditson
  • Fourth Grade High Score – Tina Tailor, Ditson
  • Fifth Grade High Score – Camryn Brothers, Hajjar

Special thanks to our Middle School, High School, & National Honor Society Volunteers:

Kelly Dinsmore, Joseph Dinsmore, Alexa Davis, Sadie Hall, Caitlin Sampson, Steven So, Steven Alves, Stephanie Hunter, Kelsey Ruffing, Sophie Nahrmann, Elena Nahrmann, Meghan Sampson, Nikolay Liharski, Rebecca Pinals, Kevin Doherty, Caitlin Barbas, Nicholas Barbas, Sydney Hall,  Ryan Dinsmore (Hajjar)

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