2012 Elementary School Art Show Winners

Congratulations to all of our finalists and winners! The judges were very impressed with all of the artwork in the contest.

Here are the winners:


Category 1
Airy Fairy,   Laura Schramek – Ditson
I Love Parker School,   Jessie Geng -Parker

Category 2
Aeroplane with Milk Bottle,    Bari Atiq –Hajjar
Best Friend Island,   Alyssa Fiorino-Kennedy

Grade 1

Category 1
Sailing in Summer,   Anuva Agrawal -Dutile
Cece The Puppy,   Ally LeBeau – Kennedy

Category 2
Spring Garden,   Lauren Aucoin- Ditson
The Mighty Shark,   Connor C. McDevitt – Ditson

Grade 2

Category 1
Peacock,   Anjali Tiwari- Parker
Bugs Life,   Maximilian DiGiovanni – Parker

Category 2
Downtown Buildings,   Anisha Goel – Ditson
Tub Time,  Cailey McDevitt –Vining

Grade 3

Category 1
Crazy Hair Day,   Savannah Battle- Ditson
Amazing Ocean,   Angelina Fung – Vining

Category 2
Topsy Turvey,   Vincent LoGuidice –Kennedy
The Walking Robot,   Gavin Bourdeau –Hajjar

Grade 4

Category 1
Lemon Surprise,   Abagayle Pitchford – Kennedy
Flower of Happiness,   Rachel Hornsby – Parker
Star Dragon Family,   Sriram Krishnamoorthy –Ditson

Category 2
Keepsake Doll,    Avani Agrawal -Dutile
Bead Dazzle,    Brianna Martini- Hajjar
Playful Kitten,   Ariana Swoyer – Vining

Grade 5

Category 1
Color Burst,   Nicholas Tuccelli – Ditson
Spatter Art,   Olivia Munroe- Vining
The Day of the Rising Sun,   Michael O’Connell – Dutile

Category 2
A Day Out for a Sail,   Madhu Velmurugan – Vining
Angry Birds,   Caitlin MacLeod & Julia Olivia – Dutile

Committee Choice

Baxter the Puppy,  Jillian Weeks, Gr1, Dutile
Bird in Tree,  Harrison Tucker, Grade 3, Kennedy
Second Grade Plants vs. Zombies,   Jake Shaw, Grade 2, Hajjar

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