Dutile School Talent and Art Show Winners

The Dutile Talent Show was a great success!!   Here are our winners . . .

Live Acts  gr. K-2

  • Anuva Agrawal Gr. K-2 Cultural Dance “Choodi Jo Khanke”
  • Amanda MacLeod & Claudia Hadley  Grades 2 & 3 Group Dance “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson
  • Lily Elmstrom Grade 1 Other/Baton “Firework”-KidzBop
  • Jeremy Fabre Grade K Solo instrument/Drums  
  • Audrey Toce & Caitln Fitzgerald Grade k Group Voice “Rubber Ducky”
    Lucia Caruso Grade 1 Other/Joke Telling “Lucia’s Stand Up Comedy”

Live Acts  gr. 3-5

  • Rylee Pratt Grade 5 Solo Dance  “First Love” by Adele
  • Angela Silva Grade 3 Solo Dance  “Don’t Mean a Thing”
  • Samantha Gallagher & Nicole Burns Grade 4 Group Voice “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better” from Annie Get Your Gun
  • Billy Marchant,  Josh Hagen and Dylan Cormier Grade 5 Group Dance “Teach Me How To Jerk”
  • Stella Cronin, Shannon Fitzgerald & Danielle Flaherty Grade 5 Multi-Talent/singing and Dancing “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis Presley
  • Lyndsey Toce Grade 5 Solo Voice  Galileo by Indigo Girls

Art Show

Booklet  Grade 4: Category 1 Emily Wall Untitled

Grade K: Category 1 Tyler Jeffers “Domo”
Grade K: Category 2 Kaya Lovell “Statue of Liberty”
Grade 1: Category 1 Anuva Agrawal Sailing in Summer
Grade 1: Category 1 Jillian Weeks Baxter the Puppy
Grade 1: Category 2 Kylie McGowan My Favorite Place To Be
Grade 1: Category 2 Molly Haggerty Ellie The Elephant
Grade 2: Category 1 Nadine Abuhamdeh A Sky Full of Colors
Grade 2: Category 1 Elise Falcone “curves, line, waves”
Grade 2: Category 2 Alicia Kearney Volcano
Grade 2: Category 2 Michael Dechiara Here Comes Jaws
Grade 3: Category 1 Juliana Smart Wait Up Mama
Grade 3: Category 1 Timothy Annino Dewey The Dragon
Grade 3: Category 2 Gautham Giridharan RECYCLEBOT
Grade 3: Category 2 Joseph Haggerty Stained Glass Soccer
Grade 4: Category 1 Lily Matarazza A Quiet Place
Grade 4: Category 1 Hannah L. George Polar Bears in the Morning
Grade 4: Category 2 Danica Beck Mickey Mouse Club House Basketball Court
Grade 4: Category 2 Avani Agrawal Keepsake Doll
Grade 5: Category 1 Michael OConnell The Day of the Rising Sun
Grade 5: Category 1 Catherine Wright 4 Dogs
Grade 5: Category 2 Emily Barstow Under the Sea
Grade 5: Category 2 Caitlin MacLeod & Julia Olivia “Angry Birds”

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