Ditson School Art Show Winners

Last evening the Ditson School proved again that We Have Talent!!  Our Ditson School Artist’s put on a fantastic art display and they all deserve a big applause. We would like to extend a special thanks to all that made this evening a great success; especially the parents and volunteers who make this show possible.  We would also like to thank our judges who had the difficult task of deciding who would move onto the Town-wide show in the Art categories.

Below is the list of students whose Art pieces will be moving on to the Town Wide Show representing the Ditson School:

Vaanathi Sekar – “My Farm in the Fall” – Picture
Laura Schramek – “Airy Fairy” – Picture

Grade 1:
Evan Williams – “Playing in VT” – Picture
Courtney Johnson – “Family” – Picture
Connor C. McDevitt – “The Mighty Shark” – 3D
Lauren Aucoin – “Spring Garden” – 3D

Grade 2:
Meghna Yeladandi – “Beach” – Picture
Michaela Picardi – “Creative Cut Outs” – Picture
Anisha Goel – “Downtown Buildings” – 3D
Stephanie Sardella – “Superbowl Fun” – 3D

Grade 3:
Marina Stagliola – “Teacup Puppy” – Picture
Savannah Battle – “Crazy Hair Day” – Picture
Nethra Vasudevan – “Wall Décor” – 3D
Lauren Montion – “Taking Pictures” – 3D

Grade 4:
Natalie Parisse – “Hummingbird” – Picture
Sriram Krishnamoorthy – “Star Dragon Family” – Picture
Grace Farrell – “Cinderella” – 3D
Brooke Larson – “My Camp” – 3D

Grade 5:
Austin Waalewyn – “Great White” – Picture
Nicholas Tuccelli – “Color Burst” – Picture
Sreyas Yennampelli – “India’s Topographic Map” – 3D
Corban Walsh – “The Hobbit Game” – 3D

Honorable Mention:
Mia DiPerri, Grade 3 – “Under the Sea” – Picture

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