Vining School Art Show Results

The following children from the Vining School will have their artwork move on to the Town Wide Show.


Category 1

  • Emma McDermott – Two Little Girls
  • Nico Schmalz – Bouncy Falling Big Balls : Splash

1st Grade

Category 1

  • Nikolas Merkel – Love Under a Rainbow
  • Joseph Soly – A Magical Tree

2nd Grade

Category 1

  • Steven Lucozzi – Bright Eagle
  • Natalie Williams – From Earth to Heaven
  • Maryanne McGovern- Rex the Cute Dog

Category 2

  • Cailey McDevitt – Tub Time
  • Madelyn Allen – Sailing Down the Duct Tape River

3rd Grade

Category 1

  • Alex Merkel – 3D Art
  • Angelina Fung – Amazing Ocean

Category 2

  • Aiden Kelsey – Extinct or Evolved
  • Morgan Rico – Claire’s House

4th Grade

Category 1

  • Pimprenelle Beheaghel – Fire Fur
  • Michael Boucher – New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Category 2

  • Meghan Kenney – The Penguins
  • Ariana Swoyer – Playful kitten

5th Grade

Category 1

  • Sonya Alam – Hawaiian Sunset
  • Olivia Munroe – Spatter Art

Category 2

  • Isabel Sloman – Day at the Beach
  • Madhu Velmurugan – A Day Out for Sail

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husband, father, marketer, and town government participant in Billerica, Massachusetts
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