2012 Elementary School Talent Show Winners

Congratulations to all of our finalists and winners! The judges were very impressed with all of the performances.

Here are the winners:

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

  • Solo Voice- Katherine McMullen, Ditson
  • Group Voice –  Meghan Aprile & Megan Lorenza, Kennedy
  • Solo Dance – Marco Cugno, Parker
  • Group Dance – Amanda MacLeod & Claudia Hadley, Dutile
  • Solo Cultural Dance – Meghana Yeladandi, Ditson
  • Solo Piano – Sydney Warner, Kennedy
  • Solo Instrument – Jeremy Fabre, Dutile
  • Multi-Talent Group – Kelli Alleca & Caitlyn Aprile, Kennedy
  • Comedy – Cailey McDevitt, Vining
  • Other Talent – Andre & Wesley Maggio, Hajjar
  • Kindergarten High Score – Mikayla Cafaro, Parker
  • First Grade High Score – Wesley Pitchford, Kennedy
  • Second Grade High Score – Alexis Efstratiou, Parker
  • Mixed Grade High Score – Sofia Mazzotta & Ava Di Mauro, Kennedy

3rd Grade – 5th Grade

  • Solo Voice – Alexandra Pace, Vining
  • Group Voice – Samantha Gallagher & Nicole Burns, Dutile
  • Solo Dance – Rylee Pratt, Dutile
  • Group Dance – Billy Marchant, Josh Hagen, & Dylan Cormier, Dutile
  • Solo Cultural Dance – SriDhanuseshwar Devanand, Ditson
  • Group Cultural – Arushi Kalpande, Parker & Avani Agrawal, Dutile
  • Solo Multi-Talent- Advika Krishanan, Hajjar
  • Group Multi-Talent – Stella Cronin, Shannon Fitzgerald, & Danielle Flaherty, Dutile
  • Group Instrument – Pimprenelle Behaeghel & Ariana Swoyer, Vining
  • Solo Piano- Jagan Krishnasamy, Ditson
  • Other Talent – Roshan Ravi, Ditson
  • Solo Martial Art – Christian So, Parker
  • Third Grade High Score – SriDhikshitha Devanand & Divya Sambathkumar, Ditson
  • Fourth Grade High Score – Tina Tailor, Ditson
  • Fifth Grade High Score – Camryn Brothers, Hajjar

Special thanks to our Middle School, High School, & National Honor Society Volunteers:

Kelly Dinsmore, Joseph Dinsmore, Alexa Davis, Sadie Hall, Caitlin Sampson, Steven So, Steven Alves, Stephanie Hunter, Kelsey Ruffing, Sophie Nahrmann, Elena Nahrmann, Meghan Sampson, Nikolay Liharski, Rebecca Pinals, Kevin Doherty, Caitlin Barbas, Nicholas Barbas, Sydney Hall,  Ryan Dinsmore (Hajjar)

2012 Elementary School Art Show Winners

Congratulations to all of our finalists and winners! The judges were very impressed with all of the artwork in the contest.

Here are the winners:


Category 1
Airy Fairy,   Laura Schramek – Ditson
I Love Parker School,   Jessie Geng -Parker

Category 2
Aeroplane with Milk Bottle,    Bari Atiq –Hajjar
Best Friend Island,   Alyssa Fiorino-Kennedy

Grade 1

Category 1
Sailing in Summer,   Anuva Agrawal -Dutile
Cece The Puppy,   Ally LeBeau – Kennedy

Category 2
Spring Garden,   Lauren Aucoin- Ditson
The Mighty Shark,   Connor C. McDevitt – Ditson

Grade 2

Category 1
Peacock,   Anjali Tiwari- Parker
Bugs Life,   Maximilian DiGiovanni – Parker

Category 2
Downtown Buildings,   Anisha Goel – Ditson
Tub Time,  Cailey McDevitt –Vining

Grade 3

Category 1
Crazy Hair Day,   Savannah Battle- Ditson
Amazing Ocean,   Angelina Fung – Vining

Category 2
Topsy Turvey,   Vincent LoGuidice –Kennedy
The Walking Robot,   Gavin Bourdeau –Hajjar

Grade 4

Category 1
Lemon Surprise,   Abagayle Pitchford – Kennedy
Flower of Happiness,   Rachel Hornsby – Parker
Star Dragon Family,   Sriram Krishnamoorthy –Ditson

Category 2
Keepsake Doll,    Avani Agrawal -Dutile
Bead Dazzle,    Brianna Martini- Hajjar
Playful Kitten,   Ariana Swoyer – Vining

Grade 5

Category 1
Color Burst,   Nicholas Tuccelli – Ditson
Spatter Art,   Olivia Munroe- Vining
The Day of the Rising Sun,   Michael O’Connell – Dutile

Category 2
A Day Out for a Sail,   Madhu Velmurugan – Vining
Angry Birds,   Caitlin MacLeod & Julia Olivia – Dutile

Committee Choice

Baxter the Puppy,  Jillian Weeks, Gr1, Dutile
Bird in Tree,  Harrison Tucker, Grade 3, Kennedy
Second Grade Plants vs. Zombies,   Jake Shaw, Grade 2, Hajjar

Townwide Elementary Talent and Art Show Schedule

Both events will be held Saturday, March, 24, 2012 at the Marshall Middle School, 15 Floyd Street, Billerica, MA.

Art Show

  • Viewing starts at 9:30 am
  • Presentation starts at 10:00 am
  • Admission is free

Talent Show

  • Grades K-2 at 2:00 pm
  • Grades 3-5 at 6:00 pm
  • Tickets: $8.00 adults, students and senior citizens $5.00 for each show
  • Tickets can be purchased at the door or prior to the show at the Marshall Middle School Friday, March 23rd from 4-8pm.

Dutile School Talent and Art Show Winners

The Dutile Talent Show was a great success!!   Here are our winners . . .

Live Acts  gr. K-2

  • Anuva Agrawal Gr. K-2 Cultural Dance “Choodi Jo Khanke”
  • Amanda MacLeod & Claudia Hadley  Grades 2 & 3 Group Dance “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson
  • Lily Elmstrom Grade 1 Other/Baton “Firework”-KidzBop
  • Jeremy Fabre Grade K Solo instrument/Drums  
  • Audrey Toce & Caitln Fitzgerald Grade k Group Voice “Rubber Ducky”
    Lucia Caruso Grade 1 Other/Joke Telling “Lucia’s Stand Up Comedy”

Live Acts  gr. 3-5

  • Rylee Pratt Grade 5 Solo Dance  “First Love” by Adele
  • Angela Silva Grade 3 Solo Dance  “Don’t Mean a Thing”
  • Samantha Gallagher & Nicole Burns Grade 4 Group Voice “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better” from Annie Get Your Gun
  • Billy Marchant,  Josh Hagen and Dylan Cormier Grade 5 Group Dance “Teach Me How To Jerk”
  • Stella Cronin, Shannon Fitzgerald & Danielle Flaherty Grade 5 Multi-Talent/singing and Dancing “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis Presley
  • Lyndsey Toce Grade 5 Solo Voice  Galileo by Indigo Girls

Art Show

Booklet  Grade 4: Category 1 Emily Wall Untitled

Grade K: Category 1 Tyler Jeffers “Domo”
Grade K: Category 2 Kaya Lovell “Statue of Liberty”
Grade 1: Category 1 Anuva Agrawal Sailing in Summer
Grade 1: Category 1 Jillian Weeks Baxter the Puppy
Grade 1: Category 2 Kylie McGowan My Favorite Place To Be
Grade 1: Category 2 Molly Haggerty Ellie The Elephant
Grade 2: Category 1 Nadine Abuhamdeh A Sky Full of Colors
Grade 2: Category 1 Elise Falcone “curves, line, waves”
Grade 2: Category 2 Alicia Kearney Volcano
Grade 2: Category 2 Michael Dechiara Here Comes Jaws
Grade 3: Category 1 Juliana Smart Wait Up Mama
Grade 3: Category 1 Timothy Annino Dewey The Dragon
Grade 3: Category 2 Gautham Giridharan RECYCLEBOT
Grade 3: Category 2 Joseph Haggerty Stained Glass Soccer
Grade 4: Category 1 Lily Matarazza A Quiet Place
Grade 4: Category 1 Hannah L. George Polar Bears in the Morning
Grade 4: Category 2 Danica Beck Mickey Mouse Club House Basketball Court
Grade 4: Category 2 Avani Agrawal Keepsake Doll
Grade 5: Category 1 Michael OConnell The Day of the Rising Sun
Grade 5: Category 1 Catherine Wright 4 Dogs
Grade 5: Category 2 Emily Barstow Under the Sea
Grade 5: Category 2 Caitlin MacLeod & Julia Olivia “Angry Birds”

Kennedy School Talent Show Winners

The Kennedy School had their 21st Annual Talent and Art show Friday March 9th. We had 66 performers and 91 artists. Everyone did a great job and we hope they all had a great time! The talent show winners, in no particular order are:


  • Kelli Alleca and Caitlyn Aprile, Grade 1, Kennedy, Group song and Dance “I Want You Back” by The Jackson 5
  • Sofia Manne and Mya Pratt, Grade 1, Kennedy, Group song “Make it Shine “ by Victoria Justice
  • Sydney Warner, Grade 2, Kennedy, Solo Piano: “Big Chief” by David Kraehenbuehl, “Big Teddy, Little Teddy” and “Holidays are here” by Linda Niamath
  • Wesley Pitchford, Grade 1, Kennedy, Solo dance to “Party rock Anthem” by LMFAO (instrumental)
  • Alexis Waterworth, Grade 2, Kennedy, Solo dance to “Love Me” by Justin Bieber
  • Meghan Aprile and Megan Laurenza Grade 1, Kennedy, Group Song “Love Song Baby” by Selena Gomez
  • David Macdonald, Grade 2, Kennedy, Solo comedy, telling jokes.


  • Molly Fraser, Grade 5, Kennedy, Solo dance to “If my Friends Could See Me Now” by Christina Applegate
  • Aingea Venuto, Grade 5, Kennedy, Solo Voice and Instrument, “Rainbow Connection” by Kermit the Frog
  • Kaitlyn Barnes, Grade 5, Kennedy, Solo Voice to “Mean” by Taylor Swift
  • Abby Campbell, Erin Kelley, Jordan Rogers, Grade 5, Kennedy, Group Dance to “Never Say Never” by Justin Bieber
  • Kate Sjostedt, Grade 5, Kennedy, Solo dance to “Barbara Streisand” by Duck Sauce
  • Leah Fabiano, Grade 5, Kennedy, Solo Voice to “Ours” by Taylor Swift

Kennedy School Art Show Winners

Congratulations to all of the participants and winners of the Kennedy School Art Show! The winners listed below will move on to the town-wide Art Show on March 24, 2012.

Elena Staples, Grade K, Kennedy, Category 1, “Rapunzel”
Ashley Caputo, Grade K, Kennedy, Category 1 “Mr. Flop”
Alyssa Fiorino, Grade K, Kennedy, Category 2, ” Best Friend Island”

Aidan Le, Grade 1, Kennedy, Category 1, “Self Portrait”
Ally LeBeau, Grade 1. Kennedy, Category 1, “Cece The Puppy”
Anthony Zullo, Grade 1, Kennedy, Category 2, ” Angry Birds”
Shawn Mulkerin, Grade 1, Kennedy, Category 2, ” Tee-Pee Campsite”

Ryan Whalen, Grade 2, Kennedy, Category 1, ” Friendship”
Gina Sciortino, Grade 2, Kennedy, Category 1, ” A Bouquet”
Kayla Lavoie, Grade 2, Kennedy, Category 2, ” Hope”
Tayla Tildsley, Grade 2, Kennedy, Category 2 ” Stick City”

Harrison Tucker, Grade 3, Kennedy, Category 1, ” Bird In Tree”
Jackie Ayers, Grade 3, Kennedy, Category 1, ” Hidden Flower”
Sean Worrall, Grade 3, Kennedy, Category 2, “Treasure Box”
Vincent LoGuidice, Grade 3, Kennedy, Category 2, “Topsy Turvey”

Madison Fichera, Grade 4, Kennedy, Category 1, ” Sea Life”
Abagayle Pitchford, Grade 4, Kennedy, Category 1, ” Lemon Surprise”
Cassidy Worrall, Grade 4, Kennedy, Category 2, “Angry Birds”
Michael Bragg, Grade 4, Kennedy, Category 2, “Angry Birds”

Molly Fraser, Grade 5, Kennedy, Category 1, “Pinks In A Pot”
Aingea Venuto, Grade 5, Kennedy, Category 1, ” The Beauty of the Lonely Beach”
Marie Lavoie, Grade 5, Kennedy, Category 2, “Bird”
Aiden Cliff, Grade 5, Kennedy, Category 2, “Ron The Recycled Robot”

Ditson School Art Show Winners

Last evening the Ditson School proved again that We Have Talent!!  Our Ditson School Artist’s put on a fantastic art display and they all deserve a big applause. We would like to extend a special thanks to all that made this evening a great success; especially the parents and volunteers who make this show possible.  We would also like to thank our judges who had the difficult task of deciding who would move onto the Town-wide show in the Art categories.

Below is the list of students whose Art pieces will be moving on to the Town Wide Show representing the Ditson School:

Vaanathi Sekar – “My Farm in the Fall” – Picture
Laura Schramek – “Airy Fairy” – Picture

Grade 1:
Evan Williams – “Playing in VT” – Picture
Courtney Johnson – “Family” – Picture
Connor C. McDevitt – “The Mighty Shark” – 3D
Lauren Aucoin – “Spring Garden” – 3D

Grade 2:
Meghna Yeladandi – “Beach” – Picture
Michaela Picardi – “Creative Cut Outs” – Picture
Anisha Goel – “Downtown Buildings” – 3D
Stephanie Sardella – “Superbowl Fun” – 3D

Grade 3:
Marina Stagliola – “Teacup Puppy” – Picture
Savannah Battle – “Crazy Hair Day” – Picture
Nethra Vasudevan – “Wall Décor” – 3D
Lauren Montion – “Taking Pictures” – 3D

Grade 4:
Natalie Parisse – “Hummingbird” – Picture
Sriram Krishnamoorthy – “Star Dragon Family” – Picture
Grace Farrell – “Cinderella” – 3D
Brooke Larson – “My Camp” – 3D

Grade 5:
Austin Waalewyn – “Great White” – Picture
Nicholas Tuccelli – “Color Burst” – Picture
Sreyas Yennampelli – “India’s Topographic Map” – 3D
Corban Walsh – “The Hobbit Game” – 3D

Honorable Mention:
Mia DiPerri, Grade 3 – “Under the Sea” – Picture