Vining Talent Show Results

The Vining students took the stage Thursday, February 16th and did not disappoint! The show consisted of 19 student acts and a surprise act performed by some of the Vining teachers!

The teachers performed an entertaining skit with a positive message about bullying. This event could not have happened without the help of our many volunteers, Thank you!
A special thank you goes out to our judges State Rep. Marc Lombardo, Sandra Libby from Billerica parks and playgrounds, and singer Krista Angelucci.

The following students will move on to the Town Wide Talent Show and represent the Vining School (In no particular order):

Grades K-2
1. Janelle Mejia and Nicole Nelson (group dance)
2. Alice Serbin ( solo dance)
3. Cailey McDevitt (comedy)
4. Jacqueline Behaeghel ( solo dance)
5. Lily Delisle (solo voice)

Grades 3-5
1. Alexandra Pace ( solo voice)
2. Lindsay Mitchell, Alie Thurlow, Chloe Pelrine and Meagan Dean ( group dance)
3. Ashley Delvecchio, Alysha Diamont, Karina Mejia ( group dance)
4. Ashley Delisle and Brianna Deflumeri ( group dance)
5. Pimprenelle Behaeghel and Ariana Swoyer ( group instrument)
6. Nyah Fitzharris ( solo voice)

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