Hajjar Art Show Finalists

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the Hajjar School Annual Art Show! And thank you to the parents, volunteers and judges that helped make this great activity come together!

The following students will move on to compete in the town-wide Art Show on March 24, 2012 at the Marshall Middle School:

  Category 1 Category 2
  • The Giraffe Safari by Sophia Leyne
  • Ocean Life by Stella Pritchard
  • Aeroplane with Milk Bottle by Bari Atiq
  • Fall Tree by Olivia Krajewska
  • Ballerina Outside by Olivia Santolucito
  • Fruit Rocks by Brie Barbaro

  • Desert Life by Samantha Gaona

  • Family Snow Fun by Paige DiPrizio
  • Flower – Works by Catherine Jalbert
  • A Day In the Caribbean by Marianna Cenci
  • Second Grade Plants vs. Zombies by Jake Shaw
  • One Winter’s Day by Advika Krishnan
  • Beauty & The Peace by Monita Seng
  • The Walking Robot by Gavin Bourdeau

  • Handcarved Bruins Sign by Jake Seymour
  • The Arctic Ocean by Hailey Chin
  • Cravings by Ava Cloghessy
  • Eagle by Lily Bickford
  • Bead Dazzle by Brianna Martini
  • A Bowl of Fruit by Maddison Jacques
  • Polaris Rush XC Pro-Ride by Troy Tamis
  • Snowman Dealer by Annika Gonzalez-Zugasti
  • Jungle by Laura & Jessica Saunders

2 thoughts on “Hajjar Art Show Finalists

  1. Syed Atiq

    Can you please fix the spelling of my son’s name. He is in kindergarten category 2.
    Correct name is Bari Atiq and not Bariq Atiq.

    Would really appreciate.


    Syed Atiq

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