2011 Visual Arts Winners

Congratulations to all of the finalists and winners who represented their schools so well!

Pieces Chosen for Program Booklet:

  • Aquarium, by Abby Acone, Grade 4, Parker School
  • Blast Off!, by Brenden John Buckley, Grade 3, Ditson School
  • Eye See You, by Brianna DeFlumeri, Grade 4, Vining School
  • Flower Power, by Jessica Weeks, Grade 4, Dutile School
  • Giraffe, by Tess Gobiel, Grade 1, Parker School
  • The Sparrow, by Benjamin Passarelli, Grade 3, Kennedy School
  • Winter Fun, by Shelby Bourdeau, Grade 2, Hajjar School


  • Bella 2010-2011, by Isabella Carbajal, Kennedy School
  • Indian Village Home, by Prisha Goyal, Parker School
  • Sparkles the Dog, by Ally LeBeau, Kennedy School
  • Sports Frog, by Connor Gibson, Ditson School
  • Spring Wild Flowers, by Avery Frost, Kennedy School
  • The Jungle, by Jillian Darris-O’Connor, Hajjar School

Grade 1

  • Bowser’s Castle, by Jack Clifford, Ditson School
  • I Love Summer, by Anisha Goel, Ditson School
  • Magical Undersea Land, by Chloe Prior, Vining School
  • Owl’s Adventure, by Michael Dechiara, Dutile School
  • Sledding In The Snow, by Anabelle Ladd, Hajjar School
  • Snowmen, by Marco Cugno, Parker School

Grade 2

  • Ancient Mask, by James Barrett, Kennedy School
  • Red Ed, by Savannah Battle, Ditson School
  • Seasons, by Angelina Fung, Vining School
  • Sticks, by Vincent LoGuidice, Kennedy School
  • The Best Art Show, by Caitlyn Pennie, Hajjar School


Grade 3

  • A Beautiful Flower, by Brianna Martini, Hajjar School
  • Giraffe Sculpture, by Abigail Koesterich, Ditson School
  • How Did That Get There?, by Abagayle Pitchford, Kennedy School
  • Lipstick Fish, by Isabella Schmalz, Vining School
  • Power Vultimate Pokemon, by Sriram Krishnamoorthy, Ditson School
  • Trapped, by Ariana Swoyer, Vining School

Grade 4

  • Love Burgers and Fries, by Erin Cann, Kennedy School
  • Marquis Daniels – Living the Dream, by Allie Tolan, Parker School
  • Starburst, by Michael OConnell, Dutile School
  • Submarine, by Austin Waalewyn, Ditson School
  • The Otter, by Jonathan Passarelli, Kennedy School
  • Waiting for Lunch, by Jana Harring Laurendeau, Parker School

Grade 5

  • Azure Lilies, by Emma Rugg, Parker School
  • Bowl Full Of Love, by Alexa McDevitt, Vining School
  • Cattails at Sunset, by Jonathan Roberts, Kennedy School
  • My House, by Catherine LoGuidice, Kennedy School
  • Resting Tiger, by Matthew Black, Ditson School
  • Slam Dunk, by Danny Hines, Dutile School
  • Tranquility, by Jessica Almeida, Parker School

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