Billerica Students Spell Success

On behalf of the Billerica Partners for Education, we want to congratulate the 136 children who competed this past Saturday, February 5, 2011 in the second annual Billerica Spelling Bee. The event, true to its intent, showcased the academic talents of the children of Billerica who spelled 978 words with everything from dimple to gazpacho and many words in between. There were many exciting moments and even records set including Vining Elementary School fourth-grader Patrick Browne spelling twenty-two words correctly, more than any other grade winner in the competition.   


Congratulations to our winners:  


  • Third Grade: First Place – Jessica D’Antona, Hajjar Elementary School, Second Place – Roshni Bhat, Ditson Elementary School, Third Place – Niloy Neogi, Ditson Elementary School    

  • Fourth Grade: First Place – Patrick Browne, Vining Elementary School, Second Place – Judy Tolleson, Ditson Elementary School, Third Place – Katelynn Brown, Vining Elementary School    

  • Fifth Grade: First Place – Araceli Schmalz, Innovation Academy Charter School, Second Place – Sarah Burns, Dutile Elementary School, Third Place – Samuel LaPusata, Kennedy Elementary School    

  • Sixth Grade: First Place – Rachelle Mejia, Locke Middle School, Second Place – Michael Burton, Locke Middle School, Third Place – Colin Brooks, Marshall Middle School and Gaurang Amonkar ,Locke Middle School    

  • Seventh Grade: First Place – Emma Tilley, Academy of Notre Dame, Second Place – Eric Tang, Locke Middle School, Third Place – David LaPusata, Locke Middle School    

  • Eighth Grade: First Place – Richard MacDonald, Marshall Middle School, Second Place – Ashley Casello, Marshall Middle School, Third Place – Ved Pitre, Locke Middle School    

  • Grand Championship: First Place – Richard MacDonald (pictured above with Billerica Spelling Bee co-chairs, Mike and Denise Moore), Marshall Middle School, Second Place – Emma Tilley, Academy of Notre Dame, Third Place – Araceli Schmalz, Innovation Academy Charter School, Fourth Place – Rachelle Mejia, Locke Middle School 


We’d like to thank all of the children, their parents, and their families who helped them study and supported them throughout the event.  We’d also like to thank all of the principals, teachers, and office staff that helped enroll the students in the contest, delivered the written test for the Spelling Bee, and supported the children as they prepared for the competition.  

 The event raised more than $1,800 for the Billerica Partners for Education Innovative Classroom Grant Program, a program that has given more than $120,000 to support innovative programs in the Billerica Public Schools.   

The sponsors who contributed financially allowed us to host a high-quality event, just like the children deserved. Thank you again to the Billerica Rotary Club especially Mike Reed and Tony Lucacio, The Billerica Green, Enterprise Bank, and Ma’s Dry Cleaning.  

We were fortunate to have many volunteers who gave their time to judge the event and make the experience great for the children.  Our thanks go to John Gagliardi, Linda Kelley, Tricia Lucacio, Peter Greeley, Mary McBride, Bob Correnti, Barbara Flaherty, Bob Accomando, Christine Morgan, Mike Reed, Rebecca Scott, Doris Pearson, Carol Bertolucci, David Gagliardi, Joy Beaubien-Harmer, Liana Measmer, Sandra Giroux, Ed Giroux, Eileen Roake, Bill Downing, Marie Blanchette, Jessica Cheek, and Miriam Chekmeyan.  

We could not have created this event and delivered it so well without our distinguished Pronouncer, Dr. Richard Safier, Assistant Superintendent of the Billerica Public Schools. It has been our pleasure to partner with Dr. Safier on this great annual event and we will miss him terribly when he leaves our community. But the Pronouncer’s seat will always be open for him since we consider him a lifetime member of our Billerica Spelling Bee family.  

We enjoyed the event immensely and look forward to having another great event next year. If you’d like to be involved, please contact us using the information below.  


Finally, the Billerica Partners for Education produce many great community events like the Elementary Art and Talent Show in March and the Fights for Education in April. For more information on these events, please visit

Michael and Denise Moore
Co-chairs, Billerica Spelling Bee

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